Photography Holiday Generosity

One of the special joys about the Photography Holidays we run every year in Menorca is the level of sharing that goes on between the photographers who join us. Our photographers share their knowledge, they share their fun – and they often share their treasured camera gear too.

Always one of the first to share is our old friend Ken Terry.

Need another memory card? Ken’s sure to have one in his camera bag. Need an adapter for your charger? Ken will come up with something. Ken is always at the front offering help to anyone who needs it.

Ken will be coming back to Menorca in May for his sixth Photography Holiday with us. We miss him when he’s not there. He’s part of the family, part of the sharing.

Photographer's coffee break

Our resident joker Ken Terry - he's joining us in Menorca for the 6th time this May - plays the rabbit ears trick on fellow photographer Joe Banin during a coffe break in a cafe in Mahon

Well, this year Ken’s generosity is showing itself yet again.

As some of you may know, Ken is a highly accomplished photographer. When he’s with us his knowledge brings an extra dimension to the Photography Holidays.

This year Ken has offered to help out a little while enjoying his own holiday.

If you have been reading my previous posts, you will know that Norene is not exactly in top form at the moment and she will be forced to take things a little easier than usual when she is in Menorca. Some time ago Norene and I were bought special tee-shirts by one group of photographers in Menorca. On these tee-shirts were listed the functions we both perform.

Norene’s list:

  • Succour to Creative Genius
  • CEO
  • Finance Director
  • Tour Operator
  • Chief Luggage Operative
  • Counsellor
  • Logistics Supervisor
  • Hospitality co-ordinator
  • Search & Rescue
  • Catering Manager
  • External Relations Liason
Philip’s list
  • Creative Genius
It certainly shows my limitations.
Of course no one could quite replace all of Norene’s ┬ámany talents, but, because our friend Ken knows the ground in Menorca so well by now, he has offered to help out in the area of Search & Rescue – in other words, assisting Norene in her duties as ‘Tail End Charlie'; making sure no one gets lost or left behind while they are concentrating on their photography.
As always, Ken will also be sharing his considerable knowledge about all aspects of photography. All we have to do in return is put up with Ken’s jokes!
Thank you Ken.
Now where are we going to find someone to take over Norene’s job of Chief Luggage Operative on this next Photography Holiday?

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