Light & Composition Photography DVD reprint

The success of my Photography DVD ‘Light and Composition’ has been astounding. This ‘how-to’ Photography DVD has now sold over 3000 copies and has just been reprinted to ensure supplies for the future.

Photography DVD - Light & CompositionThe DVD has helped photographers from all over the UK and as far afield as UK, USA, India, Australia and Tasmania. The sheer numbers of positive comments about the tuition, and how it has transformed the way keen photographers capture their pictures, have been absolutely fantastic.

There is no doubt that the Light & Composition DVD has, of course been a huge success, and I’m delighted to say that my¬†‘Portraits in Natural Light DVD’ is well on the way to catching up.

If you stop and think just how much photography technique is condensed into each of these 60 minute Photography DVDs, how little is costs – and how effective it has proved, then no keen photographer ran actually afford to do without them. They give the finest grounding in photography you can possibly have.

Thousands of photographers have found the practical advise and live demonstrations on these Photography DVDs hugely effective.

Don’t be left out – Buy both DVDs NOW

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