Photograph of our new baby Grand Daughter

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of our first grand child.

new grand daughter

Christian's photograph of our new grand daughter - nice to see he used soft side light! I suspect she may be a very well-photographed baby

Our son Christian and his wife Carlotta are now back home with the new baby. Mother and baby – who weighted in at 8lb 12oz are doing just fine. We are absolutely delighted. She’s a little smasher.

Christian and Carlotta have not yet fully decided on a name.

Thank you to all those who have asked about progress and wanted to pass on their good wishes.


  1. I’m definitely not going to get involved with Christian and Carlotta’s choice of name for the little ‘un. At the moment the favourite is Isobella, but no decision yet. The name has to be ‘dual’ nationality because Carlotta is Italian

  2. Gordon from Chester says:

    If they are struggling for a name what about Phillippa?

  3. ‘I just nodded off for a moment and some pratt has nicked my camera’

    Whatever, she’s lovely – congratulations!!

  4. Gordon from Chester says:

    Congratulations Christian and Carlotta

  5. Congratulations to all concerned. The baby looks lovely – and the hat looks great!

    Regards: Anthony.

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