Philip Dunn Photography Exhibition Menorca

I have just seen the first sample of one of the prints for my forthcoming Photography Exhibition to be held at La Mola in Menorca. Those who have been on my photograph Holidays in Menorca will know all about La Mola. It is a wonderfully inspiring place for any photographer.

‘Hidden La Mola’ – at the moment that is the working name of the exhibition – is a collection of interior and exterior photographs I have taken of these old fortifications that guard the entrance to Mahon Harbour. The exhibition is being staged with the co-operation of the Hotel S’Algar – the Menorca base for our Photography Holidays.

Philip Dunn La Mola Photography Exhibition

Philip Dunn with the first test print in preparation for his September Photography Exhibition in Menorca

The image chosen for this test print shows the crumbling main staircase of La Mola’s prison. The print has been made professionally in Barcelona and I am delighted with it. The quality is spot-on and none of the glorious colours of the subject have been lost in any way.

I’m very pleased I was able to photograph this wonderful staircase, and many other aspects of this sinister, but fascinating ruin because shortly after I took the pictures, a major part of the roof collapsed.

The wonders of La Mola extend far beyond the possibilities of straightforward interior shots – the entire fortified area, covering many hundreds of acres with dozens of underground tunnels, offers a most fantastic opportunity for photographers. That’s why I so often return again and again after the groups on my Photography Holidays have returned home. I just can’t get enough of the place.

La Mola fortress in Mahon Harbour, Menorca

The brooding structure of the La Mola Fortress guards the entrance to Mahon Harbour. It is one of the favourite locations for the photographers who come on my Photography Holidays in Menorca

The image of La Mola from a distance (above) was captured on my little Canon Ixus 960.  It was a lucky shot taken while with a group of photographers crossing Mahon Harbour by boat. I thought it captured something of the brooding atmosphere of this huge and extraordinary place. All the other photographs for the exhibition were taken on Nikon D700s using either 24-70mm f/2.8 or a 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses. My little Gitzo Traveller tripod with its simple ball head proved an essential tool when photographing the interiors.

The exhibition will be staged at La Mola, Menorca in September and October later this year. That means that when we visit La Mola with the photo group on the September Photography Holiday, the photographers will be able to visit the exhibition between taking their own pictures of La Mola.

You enjoy the benefit of professional photography tuition and photograph the wonders of La Mola when you come on a Photography Holidays in Menorca.


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