Photography opportunities in Menorca

I came across this handsome fellow earlier today as I explored the countryside just a short walk from the Hotel S’Algar, our base for the Photography Holidays in Menorca. It won’t be long now before I am welcoming a full group of photographers for the first of our two holidays here this year – on Friday ths week in fact.

Real Menorca can be found just a short walk away from the Hotel S'Algar - our base for the Photography Holidays

I was so impressed by the picture possibilities of this black beauty’s stables – there are other horses here as well – that I might even include a visit to photograph them on the next photography holiday itinerary. I have now spoken to the owner of the horse and stables and he may even come along and put the horse through his paces for us.

a black horse in Menorcan stable

I'll be taking the photographers on our Photography Holiday next week to photograph this black beauty

By the very nature of the subjects we cover in my quest to teach as many aspects of travel photography as possible, our itinerary timings, and sometimes even the venues themselves, vary from the outline itinerary.

For instance, this might be because a particular person we had arranged to photograph is not available, or a building is being renovated. So it is always a great advantage to discover new subjects like these stables. If I do include the stables, it will mean there is a bit if a ‘horsey’ bias to the overall itinerary this time.

We will, of course, once again be going along to he horse trotting races at the Hipodromo in Mahon, where we will cover the various aspects of panning and freezing fast moving subjects. We also photograph the wonderful horses and the jockeys and other characters in and around the stables.

Of course we will try to make time during our trip to the trotting to place a bet on one of the races – I doubt if we will lose ours shirts because maximum bet is only 1 Euro.

With all the turmoil going on in so many countries around the Mediterranean, it is comforting to know that when our photographers come to Menorca they can relax, learn and take their photographs in a safe and friendly environment on this beautiful island.

Hmm, looking at this picture again, I think I might have missed a trick – I hope the photographers will remind me to photograph that wonderful door on the right next time I go.

The next Photography Holiday with places available will be in September


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    Not really a comment, but just thought that some of your students and followers of your blog may be interested to know of a photography bursary in Scotland from Working Rite for production of a photo-essay. Full details are on their website here:

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