Fun with serious photography

The photographers have gone home after their Photography Holiday in Menorca.

Photographers on Photography Holiday

PhotoActive photographers get to grips with the visual possibilities of La Mola during their Photography Holiday in Menorca

It has been one of the best weeks of photography I have ever enjoyed. There has been an awful lot of serious photography tuition, and a great many fabulous photographs have been taken. But, my, oh my – there has been a whole load of fun along the way, too. We have had complaints about aching jaws from so much laughter, and I can understand why.

We are always fortunate in that the individuals in our photography groups get on so well, but this latest group has been absolutely fantastic. They have shared a great deal of laughter and learning.

I will be posting some of the groups photographs from the Photography Holiday very soon, so you will be able to see for yourself the high standards of photography that were achieved after just a week of intense tuition. It’s a knockout.

As always, the favourite location for most of the photographers was the old fortress of La Mola. The photographers loved it and once again the biggest difficulty was dragging people away at the end of the day. I sympathise totally – I love the place.

Our old friend Ken Terry – he was on the Photography Holiday for the sixth time – was thrown in at the deep end when we went to the local horse trotting races. I had arranged for him to take pictures from the umpire’s vehicle – but I gave him no warning about what was going to happen. Ken coped fantastically well and produced some great pictures despite being bounced around in the back of the van. Well done Ken. I’ll post one of Ken’s pictures soon.

And it was great to have another old friend Ande Wick with us again. Always the centre of any mischief and fun, Ande gives the impression that he is just floating happily though the week. In fact, as always Ande produced a beautiful set of photographs for our last night slide show. We are looking forward to having Ande with us again next year.

photography on photography holiday Menorca

One of our photographers enjoys the wonders of our new photo location in Menorca during his Photography Holiday

The other great success from this Photography Holiday was our new photo location on the north side of the island. We went there by coach very late in the afternoon, and at least one photographer was doubting my sanity as the coach wound its way down some very narrow lane. But when we arrived, and the vista opened up. There was an audible gasp and everyone was fighting to get out as soon as possible and start taking photographs. The light was perfect and the location unbelievably photographic. This location is a must from now on.

There are still some laces available on the September Photography Holiday in Menorca

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