100% Positive Feedback on Photography Holidays

I have been going though the comments from the photographers’ about their recent Photography Holiday in Menorca. It is all very encouraging and means that the holidays are definitely on the right track.

The comments were 100% positive

photography holidays styles

Different styles - three photographers on holiday, three different shooting styles. L-R: Jenny, laid back - John, upright - Ande, cool action man

I am never complacent about the high standards of these Photography Holidays and I am always keen to improve them in any way possible. So one of the questions I ask each of the photographers at the end of their holiday is how we can make the holidays better. I also like to know which part of the holiday they enjoyed most, and what they thought about the S’Algar Hotel.

Below you will find some of the comments I received:


  • Very much indeed.
  • It’s been tremendous. I hoped to learn about photography and I did. Hadn’t anticipated how much fun it would be.
  • Thoroughly. It easily exceded our expectations. We particularly apreciated the wide variety of locations and photographic challenges. It has left us keen to learn more.
  • It’s been tremendous. I hoped to learn about photography and I did. Hadn’t anticipated how much fun it would be.
  • Brilliant. Tuition – fun – locations.
  • Very much indeed. Met new people who were all extremely friendly. Philip was more than helpful.


  • The company, the welcome and the professional but relaxed style of Philip’s tuition.
  • Can’t select a single component. Everything has been perfect/wonderful.
  • Philip’s ability t teach. Many people are experts in their field but very few have that special ability to be able to impart their skills and knowledge to others. Great camaraderie in the group, too.
  • Practical experience, having an expert always on hand. The way the practical and theoretical aspects were tide together. The pportunity to share images, knowledge and experiences with the group.
  • Locations: Isla Del Rey and Horse trotting. Learning: and beginning to understand exposure and the use and effect of light. In short the instruction was very good.
  • All
  • Good tuition. Locations. Meeting new people.


  • I think the format works just as it is. The trips were varied and plentiful. The photo opportunities immense. Don’t change a thing.
  • I don’t think it could be improved as I’ve enjoyed every single part of it. My jaws still ache from laughter.
  • Nothing I can think of.
  • More holidays.
  • Make them longer.

One thing shines through all the comments – just what a superb training ground Menorca represents for photographers wanting to learn more. There is a vast array of locations and subjects to chose from on each of our Photography Holidays we try to put together a cohesive and varied itinerary of photography locations – there are plenty to choose from in Menorca – the most beautiful of the Balearic Islands.

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