Film – is it child’s play?

I was about to click the send button on this photograph of mine when I happened to take a closer look at the small package held in the child’s hand.

Tunisian woman with child in market, Djerba, Tunisia

The photograph was taken for The Sunday Times many years ago in Tunisia. So what is the child holding in his hand as he peeps over his mother's shoulder?

I had just re-scanned the image and was sending it to a photo agency which has shown an interest in some of my vintage stock travel photography. This picture was taken some 25 years ago in Djerba, Tunisia, and I still use it to demonstrate the advantages of using good sidelight to the students who come on my Photography Courses.

What did I noticed when the image was enlarged to 100%? Well I’m pretty certain it’s a packet of Agfa colour film.

So maybe the child’s mother was a keen photographer, or the little one was the youngest snapper in the world.

The child will be all grown up now – and I wonder if he’s kept his interest in photography. He’ll certainly have a good subject if his mum’s still wearing elegant straw hats and traditional robes. Perhaps if he sees this post he’d like to come on a photography course or holiday.

I think Agfa film might still be available form Lupus Imaging and Media – I never used it myself, but know that it had many dedicated users. I remember is was much-loved for its strong colour saturation.Agra Film in child's hand

The magnified section of the photograph shows a close-up of the film packet – although I can’t quite make out the writing completely, it definitely looks like the old Agfa logo to me.

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