Where is this Yorkshire Railway Viaduct?

In my ongoing task of sorting and scanning my archive of thousands of old negatives, I came across this photograph taken for The Sunday Times.

I know I took the photograph in Yorkshire, and sometime around 1989. But that’s as far as my information goes.

Yorkshire viaduct photo for Sunday Times

Can anyone help and tell me the name of the viaduct in this photograph taken for The Sunday Times

Can anyone help me and name the viaduct in the photograph please?

It would be a real bonus if someone could also put a name to the gentleman in the photograph, too.


  1. Thank you for letting me know.

    I remember him as a lovely patient man who did all he could to help when I photographed him for The Sunday Times

  2. Faye Foster says:

    I have just moved in to Bents Lane (where the photo was taken). The farm, Tom Ackroyd is the father of the lady who I purchased the house. Sadly, he is no longer with us.

  3. Gordon from Chester says:

    Amazing – the power of the internet!!

  4. Just had a phone call from a lady who says it is the Hewenden Viaduct near Haworth in Yorkshire.
    Then it was easy – Google pointed me to a great website called Forgotten Relics


    I learned that the viaduct has 17 arches, is 376 yards long and at 123 feet high, it’s one of the tallest in Britain. It’s reputed that shifting sands forced builders to dig its foundations much deeper than anticipated and the pillars stand as deep in the ground as they do above it.
    Grade 2 listed, Hewenden now has a tarmac top and forms part of the Great Northern Trail footpath.

    Oh, and the gentleman in the photograph is a retired farmer called Tom Ackroyd. The lady did not know if Mr Ackroyd is still with us.

  5. Hello Mr Cool!! – great to hear from you.
    No, not Ribblehead I’m afraid. I’ve Googled and come up with lots of railway viaducts in Yorkshire, but none seem to be the right one so far.
    Hope all is well with you.

  6. Ian Smith says:

    The only one that comes immediately to mind is Ribblehead – might be worth googling “Ribblehead” to see if there’s a match.

    Hope everything’s good with you and Norene

    Ian (Mr Cool)

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