Photography Holiday Song

I have posted already about the fun we had on our Photography Holiday earlier this year, and what a fantastic group of photographers we had with us in Menorca.

However, I have not mentioned what this group gave us at the end of the holiday – it was one of the best ‘thank you’ presents Norene and I have ever received. It was a song! Just that – a song sung by the whole group during our ‘Light Monkey’ Awards party on the last evening of the holiday.

It never ceases to amaze me the wide range of talents and backgrounds in every group of photographers who come one these holidays. In that May group of snappers we had, among others, a retired surgeon, the wife of a scrap metal man, a nurse, and an ‘elf & safety’ person. We also had a retired GP, Bill Hammerton. Bill is a chorister and, together with the other photographers, he conspired to write a brilliant song about the photography holiday in Menorca.

Photographers group travelling on location

That's Bill in the white tee shirt - and he looked such a quiet sort when he joined us for the Photography Holiday - you never can tell. The picture shows him leading the fun on the mini-coach as we headed back to the hotel S'Algar after a day's shooting in Ciutedella. And the guy in the grey photographer's waistcoat? That's our good friend Ande Wick - he's the 'Andy/Sophie/Hippy/Happy/Zeplin singing one' mentioned in the song. What a great group

Okay, some of the lines are ‘in’ jokes about the people involved during the week, but I have posted it here and I’m sure you get the jist of the sort of fun and mischief we get up to on these Photography Holidays – quite apart from a gteatr deal of training and tuition, of course.

The words were set to the tune of ‘Phil the Fluter’s Ball’, and I’ve embedded a YouTube video below of a lovely lady called Jane Rutter playing the tune so that you can get the idea.

It was sung with great gusto led by Bill.

With a monkey on each shoulder
And the lighting from the side
You’re a very happy bunny
Says our photographic guide.
Top, bottom, front and back,
Forget about them all
It’s The Side, The Side, The Side for me
At Phil the Tutor’s Ball.
Verse 1
Have you heard of Phil The Tutor
From that little Scottish toon
And his beautiful wife Norene
Who comes to show you roon(d).
They take you out to S’Algar
And teach you how to shoot
And send you back a pro -

And Oh! It’s just a hoot.

Chrorus – With a monkey…

Verse 2
There was Sailor Roy from Milton Keynes
Kept running round the block,
And his crafty wife Annie,
Who was not so keen on Rock.
Laughing Linda, Gentle Jenny, Susan, Stevie were the lassies.
Teasing tricking, singing, playing
As they gaily raised their glasses.
They all joined in with the greatest joviality.
Trotting races, coffin cases – we photographed them all.
John the Knife, Jeff the Pen and Clever Ken the quiet one.

Excuse me Linda, darling will you pose for me to shoot.

Chorus – With a monkey…

Verse 3
Then there’s one last character to add to all the fun,
The Andy/Sophie/Hippy/Happy/Zeplin singing one.
But it’s time for us to go now so farewell to one and all,

So join us in one last chorus now of Phil the Tutor’s Ball.

Chorus – With a monkey…

There are just two places available on the Photography Holiday in September



  1. ah – the memories. What a great week!

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