Arnold Lancaster – photographer

I learned the other day that a very old friend, Arnold Lancaster, was one of the victims of the dreadful events at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

Arnold Lancaster was a photographer on the Stockport Express newspaper in the 1960s when I started there as a 15 year old tea-brewer and photographic printer.

I remember him as a lovely, happy bloke. A gentleman. He was one of the people who helped me learn my craft. All my memories of Arnold are happy ones. For instance, it was Arnold who helped develop my love of classical music – and beer. Bless him, Arnold used to sneak my into the pub for a half of mild ale well before I was legally entitled to drink.

The photograph below shows Arnold and me with the group of staff photographers at the Stockport Express. I don’t doubt I must have brewed that cup of tea.

Stockport Express Photographers 1963

Staff photographers on The Stockport Express, Christmas 1963. Back row from left: Don McPhee (now sadly no longer with us. Don worked with great distinction for The Guardian), Eric Willoughby, Arthur Partington, Philip Dunn (the bright-eyed boy). Front row: Albert Coleman, Jack Little, and Arnold Lancaster

Sadly, I completely lost touch with Arnold over the years – I know he spent some time working in Australia and that he returned to Stockport and worked again for a time at the Stockport Express.

To hear of a lost contact in such tragic circumstances is terribly sad. I do not know if Arnold had family, but if he did, I send my condolences.


  1. Alan Russell says:

    I too had lost contact with Arnold and was shocked to hear the news. We lived close to each other when we were young and attended Lymefield school together, along with his sister, Christine. We shared a flat in Marple for a while, with John Tuppholme, (an Express reporter), and lost touch when he went to live in Australia. Sadly, the last time I saw him, he seemed to be on a CT course and because I was taking photographs at the time, was unable to speak to him.  My memories are of listening to his records of new idol, Elvis Presley! His knowledge of classical music was also great, having records of different orchestras playing the same titles.

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