Where in Yorkshire?

Once again, I’d really appreciate your help in identifying the location of a couple of old photographs from my archive.

travel photography YorkshireBut where?

Are they the same place? Which canal would that be in the picture of the child running along the tow path? Please add a comment to this post if you know the answers.

I’ve tried Google maps and Street Maps and satellite images, but I still cannot identify these places

Can you anyone help please?

travel photography - Sunday Times

Oh, in case you are wondering – no, as the travel photographer for The Sunday Times I did not always get sent to exotic locations. Yorkshire was often on my list of assignments. It always produced interesting photographs.


  1. John Grant says:

    Hi Philip

    From the viaduct I think it may be Yarm near Stockton on Tees

  2. Hello again Mr Cool,

    Thanks for that… having been born on the ‘right’ side of the Pennines, I am mindful of an old saying. I think it goes back to the 16th Century and was known as The Thieves’ Litany. But I’ll have to be careful I don’t start another War of The Roses.

    “From Hell, Hull and Halifax, may the good Lord deliver us”

    It seems this was what thieves said when parting – a sort of cheery goodbye. Hell because no thief wanted to go there. Hull because of its notorious jail, and Halifax because of its dreaded gibbet – designed to dispatch thieves off the Hell.

    Good to hear from you

  3. Ian Smith says:


    Yorkshire is exotic!

    Don’t really know where these are but I’ll have a stab at Hebdon Bridge for the canal scene!

    Love from Mr Cool

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