Photography Exhibition Menorca video

I saw my own Photography Exhibition yesterday for the first time.

Hidden La Mola Photography Exhibition

Members of the public look at some of the images in Philip Dunn's photography exhibition 'Hidden La Mola' in Menorca

With Norene being unwell, I was unable to come to Menorca to help with the hanging of the images. I need not have worried. Joana and the people at La Mola have done a wonderful job, and the venue is fabulous.

Below is a very short video of the exhibition.

I am now here in Menorca and ready to welcome the photographers who arrive on Friday for the Photography Holiday. I hope to take them to see the exhibition – ‘Hidden La Mola’ on Saturday. I wil, explain to them how the images were captured and some of the photography techniques used. Later in the week the photographers themselves will be let loose in La Mola to take their own photographs.

The fortress of La Mola in Menorca is at the top of the list of favourite photographic locations for all the snappers who come on my photography holidays, and with very good reason. It is a amazing place to capture some extraordinary pictures. The exhibition is sponsored by the Holtel S’Algar – our base for the Photography Holidays in Menorca.


  1. Sue Riddle says:

    Hi Philip
    Photos are amazing, Hope everything is ok with Norene.
    Love to you both
    Sue xx

  2. Hello Ian – yes, I’m very pleased. I’m taking the Photography Holiday group to see the exhibition in La Mola this evening.
    Good to hear from you

  3. Hello Sue,
    Thank you for your interest. Yes the Photography Holiday group will be on the island tomorrow. I will mention your request to them.
    Best wishes,

  4. Philip, will you be taking your students back to the isla del Rey for a photography session – if so, please show the results. I have recently returned to the UK but spent 5 years as a volunteer on the island, cleaning, digging and removing all kinds of poop and rubble from the old chambers! and I would like to see professional photographs of the new Colonels house (please!)

    Congratulations on your La Mola exhibition, I read about it in the Diario de Menorca online pages.

    Kind regards

  5. Looks fabulous – and you must be very pleased! Enjoy and love to Norene x

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