Norene’s progress after heart operation

A great deal has happened since I posted that Norene would not be coming to Menorca for the September Photography Holiday. I said that she was to have an operation in late October.

Hopefully it won't be long before Norene is dancing again - she'll certainly be with us in Menorca for next year's photography Holidays

Well, things moved more quickly than that. Norene’s heart condition worsened rapidly and the operation was brought forward to September – right in the middle of the Photography Holiday.

I simply had to be at the hospital when Norene had her operation and I did a dash back from Menorca to Scotland. My former student Maria Falconer – now FRPS – and our dear friend Ken Terry stepped into the breach to make the holiday a resounding success.

Margaret McKinney, who was in Menorca for her third Photography Holiday with us, said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the week, though obviously missed you and Norene, butĀ Maria and Ken worked hard to makeĀ it a success.

More news about the Photography Holiday asap.

Back home, Norene was in the hospital theatre for 12 hours – a massive operation that really took its toll.

But now she is on the mend and her condition improves daily – to such an extent that we are told she just might even be home by the end of the week. We are not building our hopes too much but she’s doing just fine – steady and sure.

I’d like to express my personal thanks to all those people who have helped lighten my burden over the past few weeks. I really could not have got through without your support.

As far as The Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank is concerned – words fail me. The hospital and its staff are just superb. Thank you.


  1. Sim Hughes says:

    Hi Philip

    I clicked on your website by chance this morning and so very sorry to hear about Norene’s heart condition. I am so glad that she is improving and on the mend. It must have been an ordeal for you. My thoughts to both of you and a speedy recovery to Norene.


  2. Gill Ferguson says:

    Great to hear that Norene is doing well. Please send her my love.

  3. John & Yvonne Cannon says:

    Hi Philip,

    Oh dear, Norene and yourself have not had your troubles to seek recently. But we’re just so glad to hear that Norene is making steady progress following her operation. Please do give her our love and our very best wishes for her continued recovery.

    It must have been terribly worrying for you to have had to rush back from Menorca at short notice. Although we have not met Maria Falconer, we are sure that if she is as delightful and diligent and knowledgeable as Ken, then you need not have had any worries leaving them in charge in your absence.

    Kindest Regards,

    John & Yvonne.

  4. Great news. All my best to both of you.

  5. I’ll see Norene this afternoon and pass on your love Thanks Ian

  6. That’s just the news I wanted to hear. Loads of love to Norene and to you too! I’m keeping everything crossed for a Kirkudbright reunion this weekend!!

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