September 2011 Photography Holiday

I’ve been sent lots of pictures over the weekend from the photographers on the September Photography Holiday in Menorca.

If you recall, this was the holiday I had to leave early because of Norene’s ill health. It was a massive relief to me when my former students Maria Falconer FRPS and Ken Terry stepped into the breach as tutors so that the holiday could go ahead as planned.

From all the accounts I’m getting, Maria and Ken did a tremendous job, and, judging by the happy faces on the holiday photographs I’ve been looking at, all the photographers had a great time as well as lots of expert tuition.

Photography Holiday group September 2012

The group of photographers on the September 2011 Photography Holiday in Menorca. Ken Terry and Maria Falconer are on the left of the picture

Every tutor has a different approach to teaching and I would not expect that Maria and Ken would do things my way. This can be very refreshing – especially when some of the photographers have been to Menorca (and have been taught by me) before. Of course an itinerary has to be planned well ahead and adhered to as near as possible, but the style of teaching is bound to differ.

There are two items that always feature on every photography itinerary in Menorca – partly because they are so popular, and partly because they offer great opportunities to learn particular photographic skills. Two of these ‘must do’ items are:

A session of night photography with flash

A photographers’ visit to the fortress of La Mola

Maria and Ken really brought a new aspect to the night flash photography and, when I look at the photographs of this photo session, it’s very clear that the photographers were having a ball while at the same time learning some valuable photo techniques. The picture below shows our good friend Gerwyn Jones, who was enjoying his second Photography Holiday in Menorca with us, being very agile while gaining invaluable understanding about mulitple flash exposures. Good on yer Gerwyn!

multiple flash photography

Gerwyn Jones learning the art of multiple flash photography at night. This is Gerwyn's second trip to Menorca for a photography holiday with us. We'd love to have him with us again next year

The other photograph I like very much from the Photography Holiday conveys a very different atmosphere. Again, it sums up a lot about the spirit of these holidays and the places we photograph.

Maria Falconer FRPS heads back to the bus with the group after a great day of photography at La Mola

This shows Maria walking with the photographers walking back to the bus after a day exploring the photographic opportunities of La Mola. Everyone is almost certainly a little footsore and tired, but I can almost feel the sense of satisfaction that comes after a great day’s photography in a fascinating place.  The light in this picture is glorious and despite their tiredness I’m sure the photographers would be happy to stay on an take more photographs.

Some of the photographers have put pictures on a special Flickr Group – there are some great shots here

Places are now available for the May and September 2012 Photography Holidays in Menorca

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