PhotoActive student shoots Veteran Car Run

PhotoActive student Gerwyn Jones was out and about with his camera at the weekend – shooting the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

Gerwyn, has twice been to Menorca for the Photography Holiday – and he is coming again next May. I have seen his photography improve each time. In fact, when he came to Menorca in September this year, Gerwyn won one of our coveted ‘Light Monkey Awards’ – partly for the tremendous advances he made in his photography, but also for being such a lovely bloke to have in the group.

Veteran Car Run - I love the expression on the lady's face. This photograph has a super atmsophere

Veteran Car Run - I love the expression on the lady's face. This photograph has a super atmosphere. Photograph by Gerwyn Jones

Gerwyn tells me that one of the reasons he went to photograph the Veteran Car Run was to put into practice some of the techniques he had learned in Menorca. He also wanted to change some of the settings on his camera, experiment with the results and to practice the use of flash – all techniques we cover┬áduring the Photography Holidays.

Veteran Car Run start of London to Brighton

Once again, Gerwyn has got the timing just right and has captured a really happy laugh on the driver's face. Photography by Gerwyn Jones

Gerwyn took the Veteran Car Run photographs with his Nikon D300 using a f/2.8 70-200mm lens. He used an ISO setting of 400 most of the time, but he tells me he did try several ISO settings.

Said Gerwyn; “I am pleased to say some of the things I have learnt in Menorca have changed my way of thinking and I was very pleased to bring home the Light Monkey”.

The downside of covering the Veteran Car Run was having to get up at 4.15 in the morning in order to get to the start line on time.

What I like particularly about Gerwyn’s photographs is that he has managed to capture something of the atmosphere of the Vereran Car Run. This are not just dry images of old cars – they are also photographs about the people who enjoy them – exactly the aims of many of the photography shoots we do in Menorca during the holidays.

The next Photography Holiday in Menorca is May 2012 – there are now just 5 places available, so please confirm your place now.



  1. Gerwyn
    I am absolutely delighted with these pictures, you have improved beyond belief. You are really learning to “see” pictures, think about composition an choose the decisive moment!
    Very well done!

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