Great Day at Cathedral Photography Workshop

We had a wonderful day yesterday with a smashing group of photographers enjoying another fully-booked Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral.

The weather was lovely and created some spectacular light both inside and outside the cathedral.

Photographers with tripods in Carlisle Cathedral

PhotoActive photographers enjoying the rare privilege of being able to use tripods inside Carlisle Cathedral during a Photography Workshop

As always, photographers travelled from far and wide to be with us – special thanks to Janys who was up at 4am to catch the early train from London to Carlisle. I hope she managed a snooze on the return journey. It was also nice to see several photographers local to Carlisle – these included one photographer, Allan, who used to work in the cathedral itself. I noticed he disappeared once or twice during the day, so maybe he knew some special secret corners to photograph – he wouldn’t say.

Photographer at work during Photography Workshop

Photographer Derek Jones shows his athleticism while using his Gitzo tripod during the Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral. Another member of the group, Peter Dixon watches

I have set up a Flickr Group so that the photographers can share some of the images they captured during the day and Martin has already posted some of his pictures. Very good they are, too – he has a very searching eye. I will be putting up some pictures of the group very soon. Flickr Group Carlisle Cathedral

Group of Photographers at Carlisle Cathedral
Here’s the group of photographers who joined us at Carlisle Cathedral yesterday for the Photography Workshop – yes, that’s me on the right

It was good to see some a regular friends joining us again – Anne Hughes – twice on a Menorca Photography Holiday and also Photography Weekend Break, Kirkcudbright. Derek Jones, has also been to Menorca and Kirkcudbright with us, and Janys Lomax, who has also been on a Photography Weekend Break. Anthony Ralph has also been with us before, he came to a Kirkcudbright Weekend Break. Derek has already booked to come on our Photography Cruise to Venice aboard the tall ship, Star Clipper next July.

Photography Workshop-interiors

Photographer Martin Curran finds a makeshift camera rest while photographing the interior of Carlisle Cathedral

I’m delighted to say that for the first time in many months, Norene was able to join us for a day. She is now recovering very well after her illness and we hope she will soon be back to full strength. It is because Norene has been so unwell recently that we have been very slow in arranging another Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral. I hope to get something fixed up this coming week. So if you have missed out on this latest workshop perhaps you will be able to join us for the next one.

The situation at Carlisle Cathedral could not be better for photographers. We enjoy the facility of a superb room in the Prior’s Tower in the cathedral grounds; there is an excellent cafe and the staff in the cathedral could not be more helpful – and we have the rare privilege of being allowed to use our tripods for an hour inside the cathedral during the afternoon.

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  1. Thanks Gordon.
    Yes, Norene is doing really well now – she will be driving again this week – so be on your guard!
    We had a wonderful day on the Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral and I have fixed the next date as Feb 4th 2012 – maybe we’ll see you again.
    For those who have not yet seen some of the pictures from the workshop, they can be seen here on Flickr:

  2. Gordon from Chester says:

    Sounds like you all had a really good day, and there are some cracking images on Flickr. Great to hear that Norene is getting better, too.

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