Kirkcudbright photographs in exhibition

I’ve just been to a lovely art exhibition in Kirkcudbright.

The best way I can describe it is with the word – enchanting.

Walk For All Seasons exhibition, Kirkcudbright‘A Walk for All Seasons’ is an eclectic collection of delightfully quirky art of all media – fabrics, photography, paintings and, well, what some benighted souls might describe as junk.

King Neptune’s original orb, crown and sceptre is there to be seen in a glass case! Rusty and barnacle-encrusted it may be after being buried for so long on the beach – but surely a treasure of international significance.

The exhibition has been put together by local ladies Pauline Saul and Vivien Dania.

Photography course subject - garden shedNow, many of the photographers who come on my Photography Courses here in Kirkcudbright will have reason to thank Pauline because she and her husband Colin are owners of the extraordinary garden shed we often photograph during the photography weekend. That’s a photograph of Colin in his shed on the left.

I reckon I know where I may have seen some of the more unusual material in the exhibition before!

I was impressed by many of the exhibits – not least the tree full of birds made out of woolly gloves. Some of the photography in the exhibition also caught my eye – in particular Vivien’s pictures of the dragon fly, and another of a timber lorry. Both were excellent.

Anyway – thank you Vivien and Pauline, your exhibition is super and I hope it is a great success.

‘A Walk for All Seasons’ by Pauline and Vivien can be seen at The Tolbooth Arts Centre, Kirkcudbright until 26th November 2011. Admission is free. Don’t miss it.

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