Top subjects to Photograph at Christmas

Christmas should be a fantastic time for photographers – there so many great picture opportunities.

But if you are struggling to come up with picture ideas, here is my list of top subjects for your camera this Christmas.

Photography Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is a time for children - have your camera at the ready so that you can always capture those wonderful unexpected magic moments. Photograph by Philip Dunn

  • SHOPPING – Get out in the street on Christmas Eve – but try shooting at dusk when you are sure to capture the atmosphere of the Christmas lights
  • CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS – always a great source of picture possibilities. Use a tripod, slow shutter speed and small apertures to capture the glow of the lights PHOTO TIPS
  • PARTY HATS – Happy Christmas shots of people relaxing and enjoying themselves are often best captured with a small compact camera – especially if you are part of the company and want to join in the fun
  • HOLLY – Get in close. The bright red of the berries and deep green of the leaves can be enriched by using a dark out-of-focus background
  • CHILDREN – kids opening presents under the Christmas tree. It’s a cert! Plan it out the day before and get the lighting right so that you capture the maximum atmosphere
  • CHRISTMAS PUD – a sprig of holly and a dose of flaming brandy really captures the Christmas spirit. Push your ISO right up and shoot in low light to capture the blue flames
  • TURKEY – close-up shots of the knife carving the Christmas turkey – use off camera flash held to one side to capture the hot steam
  • AFTER DINNER SNOOZERS – Don’t put your camera away after Christmas lunch – that’s the time when granny will snooze in the armchair. Hopefully she’ll still be wearing her party hat
Christmas photography - holly

Christmas holly - this picture was taken using flash. The black backgroud emphasizes the greens and reds. Photograph by Philip Dunn

Here are some more tips for Photographing Christmas

Whatever you do, keep the camera to hand and don’t be afraid of using flash to capture the action.

So have a HAPPY PHOTOGRAPHY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE – and keep taking photographs.

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