Bonnie Galloway for Seascape Photography

We’ve just been for a walk on one of the the beaches in Kirkcudbright Bay – just a short distance from home. It’s cold out there and the lighting is very dramatic – showers with brief spells of sunshine breaking through the black clouds. Ideal weather for landscape and seascape photography.

Seascape photography Kirkcudbright Bay

Kirkcudbright Bay looking towards Little Ross Island. I have photographed this scene many times, but I could resist photographing it again today in this dramatic light. Photograph by Philip Dunn

I wasn’t planning on taking pictures today, just to poke about the rock pools, throw some pebbles into the sea, relax, breathe the glorious sea air. But how can a photographer ignore a view like this? I suppose a photographer never really has a day off – how can you stop seeing?

I have photographed this scene many times in different lighting conditions and during different seasons of the year, but I just had to reach for a camera and capture it again this afternoon.

Fortunately I am rarely without a compact camera – usually a little Canon Ixus.

Bonnie Galloway in SW Scotland is such a beautiful place – it’s always wise to carry a camera.

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