Philip Dunn’s Disabled student – Photography MA

Ian Farrant just happens to be severely disabled. He is one of my former photography students and I got wonderful news from him the other day. He’s gained his MA in Photography.

Bob by photographer Ian Farrant

Ian Farrant's simple poignant photograph of Chelsea Pensioner Bob. Photograph by Ian Farrant

Ian has gained his MA in Photography at the London Metropolitan University.

He sent me a link to The Telegraph website where one of his portfolio of photographs has been chosen for the London Photomonth – Most Captivating Photos. I have posted Ian’s picture here.

Ian wrote to me:
“Hi, Happy New Year – Thought I would share this. It all start with your teaching. Thank you.”

That short sentence – It all started with your teaching – makes this news extra special for me. It makes what I do so worthwhile when I can encourage someone to get moving on the road to success

Not that Ian needed much in the way of encouragement – he was a natural right from the start.

He was the very first disabled photographer I have taught. And Ian is very severely disabled after a terrible accident – but it mattered not a jot to his determination to succeed with his highly focused photography ambitions.

Where so many others might have given in, the thought of failure was never an option for Ian Farrant.

Ian is a member of The Disabled Photographers Society and the photograph of Bob is part of Ian’s ‘Veterans Portfolio’. You can see this on Ian’s website

Disabled Photographer Ian Farrant MA

Photographer Ian Farrant MA in Kirkcudbright during his One-to-One photography course with Philip Dunn

I am absolutely delighted for Ian and wish him every success for the future.

There is little doubt that we will be hearing much more about Ian and his photography.

Ian Farrant is the latest in a long list of photographers who have gained success after attending a photography course with him.

You can learn on a ONE-TO-ONE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE with Philip Dunn


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