Dramatic Landscapes for a Compact Camera

I’ve said before that I can’t help taking photographs. That’s why I always have at least my compact camera with me all the time.

Well, you never know when you’ll see something worth photographing.

This afternoon I pulled on my wellie boots and thick jacket and set off up the fields at the back of our house. It was tough going on the hill in the cattle-rutted soft ground. But I know that I am usually rewarded with a fantastic view when I get somewhere near the top.

landscape photograph with sunset and sheep

I can't resist capturing moments like this - especially when I'm out walking on a Sunday afternoon. So I always have a little compact camera with me. This was shot on my Canon Ixus. Photograph by Philip Dunn

So it was today. The sun was very low, golden-organge and spotlighting great beams of light through holes in black cloud. Of course I rooted out my little Canon Ixus and took a couple of snaps. But in reality they were just basic sunset sky pictures.

I little further on and the sheep appeared. Perhaps they thought I had come to feed them so they came quite close and stood staring at me expectantly.

For me it was the perfect opportunity to lift an ordinary sunset photograph into something much more interesting than a simple sunset.

Those sheep made an ideal foreground and the Canon Ixus has coped extremely well with the high contrast of the sky and shadow . The picture has had just a little cropping and a brief wipe across the sheep with the dodging tool. That’s all.

You really don’t need bags of expensive and heavy cameras to produce dramatic landscapes and worthwhile photographs.

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