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Here is another photograph from that set of four contact print sheets I mentioned in my recent posts about Street Photography in Windsor and Eton.

B&W contact sheets of Sunday Times commission

The four sheets of black& white contact sheets for The Sunday Times Commission to photograph Windsor, Eton and the River Thames at Datchet nearb

Looking at the notes on the back of those contact prints I notice that The Sunday Times also asked me to photograph the River Thames at Datchet – and the photograph below was the result of that. It was the briefest of visits, time was very limited, and I remember being hugely pleased to have found this scene at the time.

Can this photograph be classified as Street Photography even though it is obviously a rural scene?  Yes, I believe it can.

For three reasons at least:

  • The main subject was totally unposed
  • It captures a live scene exactly as it happened
  • The picture is the result of using an opportunity as it presented itself
Street Photography for The Sunday Times

Totally unposed - this was a case of using an opportunity as it presented itself. This photograph has been published at least three times. Photograph by Philip Dunn

I said in one of those previous posts that the sum total of published images from the four films used on that assignment was 10. I was wrong – I have been counting up and I have reached a figure of 12 published images. Five of those images were published at least twice.

My sincere thanks to all those who have sent me your ideas for locations suitable for Street Photography. Please keep them coming – I am learning a great deal and it really will be a big help when I get down to planning a tour of Photography Workshops. Please just fill in the form below…

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