Why Menorca is Top for Photography Holidays

I’ve been sorting out some of the Photography Holiday pictures from Menorca and came across this simple silhouette image of the old windmill in the village of San Lluis.

This basic photograph sums up much of the essence of why we have been running these Photography Holidays in Menorca so successfully for the past 10 years, and why we will continue to do so.

photography holiday menorca windmill silhouette

A perfectly simple photograph taken on a Canon Ixus. Nothing in the least clever about it - just a matter of composing the image carefully and pressing the button. The camera looked after exposure. Photograph by Philip Dunn

It was taken on a compact camera after the end of one of the holidays when all the other photographers had returned home last year and Norene and I were strolling through the village of San Lluis one evening. We often do our shopping late in the evening when the shops are open again after siesta.

San Lluis is a great place to shop in real small shops where real shopkeekers still serve you.

Anyway, as we walked down the main street I saw the possibilities of the photograph of the silhouette of the old windmill and the outline of the fish. I had to take a picture.

Problem was, the best position from which to take the photograph was right in the middle of the street.

But this proved no problem at all. The cars simply stopped and waited for me to do what I needed to do. No panic, no hurry, no hooting car horns, waved fists or hurled abuse.

This gentle, laid-back attitude is the main reason why we run the Photography Holidays in Menorca – photographers are made welcome on this beautiful and photogenic island. It’s a the best place in the world to run a Photography Holiday with photographers who want to learn in a completely comfortable environment how to take better travel photographs.

So it’s not the subject of the photograph itself that makes me feel good about Menorca, it’s the way it was captured and the understanding Menorcan people who enabled me to capture it.

The May Photography Holiday is now fully booked, but there are still places available for the Photography Holiday in September – don’t miss out.



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