Light Bulb Moment in Photography

I simply can’t help sharing this lovely email received this morning from John and Lyn Proud, who were with us for the latest Photography Weekend Break.

There’s an email from Simon Murphy who was also with us – that’s him in the light bulb photograph taken by John!

Photography Course Light Bulb Moment

John Proud's remarkable photograph of fellow photo student Simon Murphy enjoying his own Light Bulb Photography Moment. Photograph by John Proud

Hi Philip and Norene,

Even though I returned to work early this morning it did not in any way dull the buzz from the weekend. Memories of our visit with you in Kirkcudbright will last forever.

Photography Weekend Break John

John Proud hard at work with his Nikon D7000 during his Photography Weekend Break in Kirkcudbright

Your help has switched on several main beams and made my photography even more enjoyable and I thank you sincerely for that. Your explanation of photography is so good that it resulted in several “Eureka moments” for me.

Lyn and I enjoyed the weekend enormously and I could not recommend the experience in more glowing terms than EXCELLENT!

Thank you both very much and we look forward to seeing you both soon.

With sincere best wishes,

John and Lyn

Just to prove his point, John took a photograph of Simon Murphy enjoying his own Light Bulb Moment…

This is what Simon emailed this morning…

Hi Philip (and Norene)
Thanks to you both for a very enjoyable weekend.

I really feel I stepped up a level in my confidence and control of my camera. I think I had a fair idea before but now I actually feel I know what I am doing and why.

For me personally I think the most useful part of the course was the critiques, then the technical discussion and practical reinforcement.

My next mission I think must be to learn to see the photo opportunities in a given situation.

Thanks again

Thank you both. The truth is, the pleasure was really all ours – we always enjoy running these Photography Courses when we have such a super group of people with us. Everyone in the group last weekend came with two things firmly in mind – to learn and to enjoy themselves. Exactly the right approach.

I also got a lovely email from our old friend Russell Turner, who was also with us on the Photography Weekend – he sent a photograph of me. Hmm, thank you Russell, maybe I’ll post that one sometime, too.

The Next Photography Weekend Break will be March 30th – April 1st at The Selkirk Arms Hotel. The fully inclusive cost is just £399


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