Sledge Hammer Approach to Photography

The Photoshop Cloning tool is for wimps…

If you have been on a one-to-one photography course with me here in Galloway, I may well have taken you to one of the most beautiful photography locations in the area.

This is a wooded dell in a deep gorge down which tumbles a delicate waterfall. It is a magical place and I suspect it is where the Little People and fairies live.

sledge hammer photography

Time for action - Philip Dunn attacks the yellow cast iron bath beneath the waterfall in Bonnie Galloway

Can you believe that some moron would dump an old cast iron bath beneath that waterfall?

Well that is exactly what someone did. I suspect it was part of some contraption devised by a farmer – whose eyes were as dim as his soul –  to extract water from the stream.

photography course waterfall without bath

Gone - Oh what a joy. The view of the waterfall without that yellow, cast iron bath

I have put up with that bloody cast iron bath for some years now. It is heavy, immovable and worst of all bright yellow.

Now it is no more. It is gone. Smashed to pieces and I did it.

Things came to a head the other day when I took my student Christine down to this waterfall. Christine came from Switzerland for her day of one-to-one photography tuition. When we climbed down to the waterfall, the stream was so high that it was impossible for us to cross to the other side to get a camera angle on the waterfall that did not include that wretched yellow bath. It stuck out like a sore thumb.

I’m fed up with having to clone out that bath in Photoshop.

Sledge Hammer Photography
So today was Action Day. I loaded a heavy sledge hammer into the Landrover and went on the offensive.

Smashing that hideous bath to small pieces was hugely satisfying.

From now on my students can enjoy an unblemished view of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Galloway; and the fairies, I’m sure will be pleased.

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  1. Well, I suppose the lumps of cast iron do not belong to me.
    However, I think they may find their way bit by bit into the charity skip for recycling.

  2. Christine says:

    What a relief….. but what did you do with the bits of the bath?


  3. You beast!!! But brilliant piece of direct action!

  4. Good for you!

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