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It’s great these days that in any group of photographers  on a photography course there’s bound to be at least one with real knowledge of computers.

I’m not a complete numpty with computers, but I don’t pretend to be an expert and there is a huge amount I do not know.

I was giving a slideshow talk the other day to a group of photographers using Windows Photo Viewer – a program that comes packaged with Windows 7.

IrfanView Photo Viewer Screen grab

This is what the work area of the IrfanView photo viewer looks like. All the tools are easily found and the EXIF info display is superb. There is a wide range of skins available. The picture shows the group on the Photography Weekend Break in Kirkcudbright at the weekend

Now I’ve known for some years that this Windows program does not do justice to anyone’s photographs. For one thing, the pictures never appear crisp and sharp.

Among my photography students at the weekend was Bob Pirrie. Bob makes his living with computers and he knows what he’s talking about.

Bob suggested a much better program for viewing images – it’s called IrfanView.
IrfanView logo
I’ve tried it and it’s great. It does much more than just enable you to view your pictures either singly or as a slideshow. You can crop, straighten, resize, rotate without losing quality, batch process, play movies & sounds and much, much more.

IrfanView is Free Shareware and the program file size is small. One tip – to get the most from this program make sure you download all the Plugins as well as the program itself.

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  1. Thanks Tom,
    Yes it’s a great program. I did mention that anyone downloading IrfanView should make sure that they also download the Plugin pack. Doing this really opens up a whole load of possibilities.
    No photographer should be without IrfanView

  2. Glad to like Irfanview Philip. Don’t forget to also download the additional “plugins” pack. It provides extra support for RAW data etc.

    I’ve been using Irfanview for many years. It’s also great for making contact sheets.



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