Photography in a nice warm Cathedral

Snow – what snow? We had none of that nasty stuff yesterday for our Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral.

Warm photographer in Carlisle Cathedral

It was cold outside but inside Carlisle Cathedral it was nice and warm for our Photography Workshop. Still, Dallas Carter was taking no chances

Photographers came from all over the UK, from Aberdeen, Perthshire, Berwick and London – only the London photographer had problems getting home last night, and that was because he couldn’t get across the city once he arrived.

It was a smaller group than usual, but that was because of cancellations due to the alarmist weather forecasts for this area.

We had a great day of photography and once again I was astonished at the widely differing ways people see things.

The aim of all the photographers was to learn how to use their cameras more effectively and also to take home some great pictures. I think we succeeded on both counts judging from the comments at the end of the day.

Obviously I spend most of my time helping and teaching the photographers during these Photography Workshops, but I do get chance to snap the photographers themselves while they are hard at work.

Dallas Carter (pictured), wearing her brightly-coloured woolly hat and scarf was a perfect subject.

The full group of eight photographers can be seen below. This picture was taken in the Fratry, a superb meeting room in the Friars Tower in the Cathedral grounds. We use this room, overlooking the cathedral itself as our base and for our initial talks.

Carlisle Cathedral Photography Workshop, Feb 2012

Our splendid meeting room in the Friars Tower at Carlisle Cathedral overlooks the cathedral itself and is the perfect base for our Photography Workshops. Photograph by Norene Dunn

My thanks to the cathedral staff, and photographers who came on the workshop yesterday – they all helped made the day a great success.

I will be fixing a date for the next Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral very soon.


  1. The pleasure was all ours, Dallas, and you will be very welcome on any of my Photography Holidays or Courses – the hat might be a bit too warm for Menorca though

  2. Dallas Carter says:

    Hi Philip,
    Just to say thanks for a great day, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I even took some photos outside! (not many though, too chilly. I look forward to future workshops or even holidays.
    Al the best

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