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It’s great to encourage the photographers who come on my Photography Holidays, Courses and Workshops to show their pictures to as wide an audience as possible.

So once again I have set up a small group on Flickr for the those who came to the Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral at the weekend. It’s a good way of building confidence and getting unbiased feedback.

The Flickr Group can be found here. Photo Workshop Group Carlisle Cathedral

So far a couple of the snappers have posted their favourite images from the day, and I have added a few comments and crits, which I hope will help them.

Photography Workshop Carlisle Cathedral

John Smith practicing new-found skills with his camera in Carlisle Cathedral. Photograph Philip Dunn

One of the photographers who has posted is John Smith, who confided to the group that he loved taking pictures purely as memories – he just wanted to create better pictures of those memories.

John wrote a lovely email after the Photography Workshop:

“Thank you for a splendid day at Carlisle – I really enjoyed myself. No wonder the Sunday Times today quoted Carlisle as the happiest town in England!

Your style really was ideal for me: calm, unassuming and so persuasive. Add to that your experience and that lovely way you have of sharing your personal opinion without denigrating that of others, how I wish I had met you years ago. I could have learned a lot from you, as well as a bit about photography too.

Please pass my thanks to Norene for her presence throughout the day too. Not only was she a reassuring anchor if you weren’t about, but her friendliness was contagious for us all.

Kind regards, and yes, I hope that I have the chance to come on a weekend course before too long.”

Thank you John – we look forward to seeing you on a future Photography Course.

Meanwhile I thought I would share the photograph below. One of the staff at the cathedral said to me during the day: “It’s amazing the positions some of these photographers can get into.”

The photograph below proves her point…

Photography courses Carlisle Cathedral

So why not get comfortable while taking your pictures? The stone floor may be a little hard for Jane, but it's a good position for reducing camera shake. Photography by Philip Dunn

I will be fixing a date for the next Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral very soon. If you would like me to keep you informed about updates, please just send me your email address in the box at bottom left of the Home Page



  1. Gordon from Chester says:

    Thanks Philip; I will look forward to the “how to” post. Good news about the workshop coming to Chester; if I can help in any way please let me know. Not so good news about Focus; some of the “small people” are the most interesting in my view. It’s a shame if they are being priced out. It’s too late for this year, but is there any merit in exploring whether you could team up with a larger outfit (eg Jacobs) and provide short tutorials on eg travel photography, portraits, etc on their stand? This could reduce the cost but still give you a presence and allow you to promote your workshops and holidays. Just a thought. Good to hear that Norene is now well enough to be back in charge of your events!

  2. Hello Gordon,
    Good to hear from you.
    You’ve given be an idea for a ‘how-to’ post. I will put something together about photographing candles and similar subjects.
    No, we will not be at Focus on Imaging this year. I’m afraid they have priced the small people out of the market and it is now just not a sensible financial proposition.
    A great pity because Christian and I loved meeting old and new clients – we always had a great time.
    However, I have decided that efforts will be directed more at getting around the country with a series of Photography Workshops.
    You’ll be pleased to know that Chester is right at the top of the list and as soon as I have something arranged I will let everyone know.

  3. Gordon from Chester says:

    Yet again some excellent images from Carlisle cathedral. I particularly like the flickering candles. Is there a particular technique to capture these at their best, Philip?

    Are you exhibiting at Focus this year?

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