The Last Venice Photography Holiday

I have decided not to run the Photography Holiday in Venice next year.


I have run three very successful holidays in Venice and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. However, as part of my campaign to spend more time on my own photography the decision has been made that the March 2014 holiday will be the final one.

My thanks to Arena Travel who have taken the bookings for these holidays. My special thanks to all the lovely photographers who have photographed this wonderful city with me – they have made each holiday a wonderful experience.

My apologies to all those who have enquired about the 2015 Venice trip.

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May 2014 Photography Holiday


It’s just over a week since the photographers left us after their May Photography Holiday here in Menorca.

Photography Holiday Menorca

But since they left Norene and I have been running an Art Holiday – and organising 12 artists is a full time job, so I have not been able to post about the photography. Not that I teach the Art Holiday, we bring a very fine art tutor to Menorca to do that.

Left: Perfect locations, lovely weather and great subjects – photographer Jenny Nicholls at work in Menorca

The Photography Holiday went extremely well with the highlight of the week coming right at the start when we celebrated our good friend Ken Terry’s 10th Photography Holiday with us.

Accomplished Photographer
Over the years Ken has become a close friend. He is a highly accomplished photographer, especially of wildlife and birds, and he has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of photography.

We shall always be grateful to Ken and to Maria Falconer for stepping in a couple of years ago to help when Norene was so ill and I was unable to be here.

This holiday we also welcomed back friends Jenny Nicoll – fresh from her Photography Holiday in China – and John and Yvonne Cannon.

Both John and Ken produced truly outstanding photographs from our visit to the Horse Trotting Races on the first night.

We were delighted that Russell Turner was able to join us in Menorca for the first time. Russell has been on several of my Photography Weekends. We hope that we will have him with us again.

Street Photography in Menorca

Flair for People Photography
Novice photographer Carol Davison turned out to have a natural flair for photographing people, and I very much hope she will continue to develop and enjoy this ability.

Carol also revealed a remarkable talent for being able to use Pedro the farmer’s old-fashioned earthenwear water jug. No other photographer has ever accomplished this, albeit at the cost a damp tee-shirt. Even Pedro was impressed.

Right: Russell Turner finds a willing subject in Mahon's main plaza

We had an awful lot of fun during what is really quite an intense week of photography covering a very wide variety of subjects. Norene and I would like to thank all the photographers for being such good sports and great company.

Photographer with Pedro in Menorca

Above: What a laugh - Novice photographer Carol Davison proved to have a tremendous gift for photographing people. Here she is with our old friend Pedro

Top Photo Location
Once again, the photographers’ favourite location proved to be the old fortifications of La Mola, and again some very beautiful pictures were captured during our visit there. However, I did spend a lot of the time worrying whether Russell, who is a very tall chap, would crack his skull as he made his way through some of the low underground arches.

For our Photography Holiday in September we intend, by popular demand, to take a packed lunch and spend a whole day at La Mola.

Left: Ken Terry and Jenny Nicholls photograph the spectacular landscape in Menorca during their Photography Holiday

There are a few places available for our September Holiday in Menorca.



















Cathedral Photo Workshop – New Date

I have arranged another of our very special one-day Photography Workshops at Carlisle Cathedral.

Carlisle Cathedral Photography Workshop

The date will be November 22nd 2014.

The successful format will remain exactly the same to allow the maximum time for personal and group tuition – and actually taking photographs.

The cost is just £60 for the day.

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Happy Photographers in Venice

Phew! We are back home after a very hectic Photography Holiday in Venice.

What a fantastic group of photographers – and non-participants – we had with us in this most romantic city on earth.

Photography Holiday Venice - photographing sunset

Above: photographing the sunset above the most romantic city on earth

Everyone was very patient with my slightly slower-than-normal walking pace due to my recovery from injury – and it didn't stop us getting to the more remote and interesting parts of the city.

We were blessed by good weather and – most of the time – glorious light with some fabulous dawns and sunsets over the Venetian Lagoon. Countless great pictures were captured.

Instant feedback
A couple of responses so far:

A quick thank you to both of you for the Venice trip.. brilliant. Hywel

Just a note to say thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of Venice with us to make our holiday experience unique…  Elizabeth

Italian Food
Once again the photographers enjoyed our choice of eating places. It's a real pleasure to prove that, even in Venice, you can eat genuine Italian cooking in friendly, welcoming restaurants at sensible prices.

Photographers in Italian restaurant in Venice

Time to enjoy a a toast to the chef and staff of the restaurant – photographers relax after a fine Italian dinner

Marina's warm and cosy osteria proved a great success and we ate there on two evenings. So, too, did the little osteria near the Rialto where I have never yet seen another tourist – we eat lunch with the locals.

The next Photography Holiday in Venice will be in 2015 – yet to be arranged. Please let me know if you would like to be kept informed. Contact me

Photography Holidays Venice


Carlisle Cathedral in the Picture


Yes, we enjoyed another great day’s photography in Carlisle Cathedral yesterday.

Thirteen photographers joined us for a Photography Workshop in this beautiful English Cathedral.


Above – a group of happy photographers persuaded to take a break from their photography so that I could take their picture. The rather crude paste-up of the photographer on the right was needed because this photographer nipped off for a cup of tea just before we got everyone together. We couldn't leave him off the team group, could we? Oh, don't tell me you didn't spot the paste-up and I didn't need to mention it!


After a short talk to ensure that everyone knew what to expect from the day, we were soon out in the cathedral grounds to take full advantage of the glorious light on offer.

After coffee we were inside the cathedral.

Left: Just out of plaster and recovering from a broken leg – Linda Readding came with photographer partner Chris. Linda managed to get around the cathedral really well, if a little slowly

Photographers in all directions
I have never seen so many photographers disperse so quickly – they were off and photographing within seconds of walking though the cathedral door.

I do all I can to find every photographer during the day to make sure they are okay and see if they need any guidance, but everyone knows they only have to come to me and I will help sort out their technical or compositional questions.

Come back for more pictures
Once again, it was a delight to see such a great mixture of old and new friends, some of whom were coming to the Carlisle Photography Workshop for the second time. Typically, photographers tell me there was so much to see and photograph inside the cathedral that they just had to come back.

Two of the photographers had been with us in Menorca reecntly and one of the group will be joining us in Venice soon for the Photography Holiday. I'm pleased to say several others have shown a keen interest in joining us for one of our special holidays in Menorca this year.

I can certainly promise them a great time and a whole load of excellent photography.

Photography Holidays Menorca

Photography Workshop

I welcomed 14 photographers to Kirkcudbright last weekend for a Photography Workshop.


And would yopu believe it – we got some beautiful light in the morning – yes, real live sunshine!

After an initial talk with the aim of ensuring that everyone had a firm understanding of the meaning of Depth of Field, we were soon out with our cameras to put some theory into practise. This started with the aim of photographing rooftops and chimney with different focal length lenses. But the photographers spotted many other picture possibilities.

Left: Photographer Dallas Carter get down among the crocuses during her Photo Workshop – a great chance to put into practise the theory of Depth of Field

Texture and atmosphere
This was all done as we made our way to the Kirkcudbright graveyard – a wonderful location set on a steep hillside overlooking the town. Many of the gravetones date back to the 1600s and the slanting light created some great opportunities to capture the texture and atmosphere.

After lunch we made a short trip to the harbour, but beat a hasty retreat when the rain came lashing down once again.

So I gave a talk and slide show about the finer points of composition – in particular about the Golden Mean and the essentials of seeing the way the camera sees.

Tabletop studio
Then we set up some very basic tabletop studios indoors and carried on taking pictures.

All in all a great day which I think everyone enjoyed.

I have another fully booked Photography workshop this coming weekend – this time in Carlisle Cathedral, a venure I always look forward to with pleasure.

Photography Workshops

Photography Weekend – Dodging Rain

We had another successful Photography Weekend Break here in Kirkcudbright just over a week ago – it's been a pretty hectic time, so I'm only just catching up so that I can post about it.


Despite the rain on Saturday – some great pictures were captured – some from beneath umbrellas


The weather on the first day was not the kindest, but the photography went ahead just the same, and on Sunday morning we were blessed with a dry period.


Photographer David Williams found plenty to photograph on the harbourside in Kirkcudbright

In fact on the Sunday morning we enjoyed some glorious light and we managed to get out with our cameras.


Out of the rain – we always find plenty of good subjects indoors when it's raining outside during these Photography Weekend Breaks in Kirkcudbright

It will be a little while before I will be able to arrange another Photography Weekend – I am putting time aside so that I am able to apply myself to my own photography for a while.

However, I will try to another weekend together later in the year.

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Last Chance to Join Photography Weekend

There are still places available on the Photography Weekend coming up at the end on this week 7-9th Feb.

This may be your last chance to join one of these very special weekends as I will be devoting more time in the future to my own photography and much less time running photography courses.

Based here in Kirkcudbright at the Selkirk Arms Hotel in lovely SW Scotland these Photography Weekend Breaks offer tremendous value and an emormous amount of photographic tuition.


Come and join us in Kirkcudbright for a great Photography Weekend

The weekend starts at 7pm – just before dinner on Friday we finish after lunch on Sunday afternoon.

The price of £409 is fully inclusive of ALL meals, accommodation, tuition, welcome drink and teas and coffees.

NO – Kirkcudbright does not get cut off by snow during the winter – and we are looking forward to a great weekend of photography




Photography Workshop and Weekend


Both my forthcoming Photography Workshops are now fully booked.

There are still places available for the Photography Weekend Break on February 7-9th. That's next weekend!


Above: photographing Kirkcudbright Harbour during a Photography Weekend Break

These Weekends offer great value with lots of photography tuition while you enjoy staying in the lovely Selkirk Arms Hotel here in Kirkcudbright.

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Just 2 Places Available for Venice

There are now just two places available for the Photography Holiday in Venice.



5 Night Photo Tour
This 5 night Photography Tour of the most fascinatiing photo venue in the world will be based at the Hotel Al Codega right in the centre of Venice.

Second Year in Venice
This is the second year I have run these Photography Holidays in Venice and I am really looking forward to getting back there with another group of keen photographers.

I can promise you a great deal of photography and I know you will have a great time with a small group of like-minded enthusiasts.

Dates are March 13-18th, and booking will again be arranged by Arena Travel who can also fix your flights if you wish.

Photography Tuition
I will be on hand throughout the holiday to guide and help you achieve great pictures