Photography holidays dates 2010

4th July 2009
Dates for and prices for Photography Holidays in 2010 have now been finalised

4th July 2009
My home page picture shows PhotoActive students – mother and daughters  Ginny, Jacqui and Suzi enjoying their day of photography tuition on the beautiful coast of Galloway, SW Scotland

2 July 2009
Flowers and Photography dates now fixed
Photographer Philip Dunn and botanist David Hawker will be running their first Flower and Photography Holidays in Menorca May 2010. Dates and prices now confirmed

Full details about these Flower and Photography Holidaysb at Philip Dunn’s other website Inspiration Holidays


Interest in the courses and holidays is always very high and for those who do want to book, I do suggest you do so very soon to be sure of a place. If you have any queries do get in touch and contact me. 

Welcome to Philip Dunn’s PhotoActive website for photographers looking to take better pictures and get more from their cameras. The PhotoActive Photography Forum is a fast-growing photographic resource that brings you lots of free advice in the blog, a Camera Shop of selected equipment, and information on Philip Dunn’s Photography Courses and Holidays.



Philip says: “If you have bought my photography DVDs or been to me for photography tuition, you’ll know that I do not believe photography is a mysterious art. I love to cut through the myth and free you up to achieve better results. All the information on the PhotoActive website is designed to do just that.

“You’ll get a lot more fun from photography and you may even be able to make some money from your camera. Several of my students have become successful professionals.

“I teach a method of working that is far more valuable than a whole bagful of expensive camera gear. It will always leads to better pictures. It doesn’t matter what level you have achieved already, I want to open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing – I will teach you to see the way the camera sees.

“Most of all, I want you to get out there and have fun taking photographs, and the more you learn, the more you will enjoy yourselves.”

Philip Dunn's new PhotoGuru DVD - Portraits in Natural Light