QWhat are Philip Dunn's qualifications?

A – I have been a full-time professional photographer for over 40 years and I've worked for almost all the top magazines and newspapers in UK and many overseas. I have won numerous awards for my work. More details

Q – Will my Photography Holiday or Weekend payments be secure?

A – All payments made by you to Philip Dunn for Photography Holidays and Photography Weekend Breaks are held in a Secure Fund Account until the services have been provided. In the unlikely event of a Photography Holiday or Photography Weekend Break being cancelled by Philip Dunn, all your money, including your deposit will be refunded to you.

QDo I need to have some experience in photography before I come?

Q – None whatsoever for most courses. However, some photography workshops are not aimed at complete beginners. I can tailor the tuition to suit your level of experience. I teach everyone from experienced professionals to complete beginners, and, as the courses are on a one-to-one or very small group basis, this works well.

QCan I buy a gift token to give my friend?

A – Yes. More details

Q – Why do you not do more Photography Holidays and Photography Courses?

A - I am still a full-time working photographer with professional commitments on assignments

QIs there an age limit for the photography courses, tuition  and holiday?

A – Yes. I do not accept anyone under the age of 16 years. Otherwise it does not matter if you are over 100. My most senior student so far was well over 80 – and he nearly ran me into the ground!

QHow to I get a copy of Philip Dunn's instructional DVDs?

A – You can buy online or pay by cheque click here for details

QAre the courses for digital or film photography?

A – Almost totally digital now, but I can help you with an understanding of film – particularly Black & White film if you wish.

QDo I need expensive equipment to come on a course?

A - Not at all. I can show you how to get better pictures from the simplest point-and-shoot compact camera. If you are thinking of upgrading your camera, I would rather you came on a course first so that I can advise you.

Q - What do I need to bring with me?

A – Apart from an open mind, enthusiasm and a sense of fun – you will find an list of suggestions for the things you need to bring here. What to Bring on a Photography Course

QDo I need to bring a tripod?

A – No – not if you don't normally use one. However, a tripod is essential for some subjects. If you would like to learn more about using a tripod – bring it along. For some more advanced techniques it will be essential. If you are thinking of buying a new tripod – please wait until I have given you some guidelines

QWhere can I stay in Kirkcudbright?

A – If you come on a Photography Weekend Break, we are based at The Selkirk Arms Hotel in Kirkcudbright. We can recommend three excellent B+Bs for those coming for one-to-one tuition –  more details

Q - How many days one-to-one tuition will I need?

A – If you want 121 tuition, I always advise that you come for no more than two days to begin with. You will learn a great deal in that time. Then go away and practice. You can always come back again at a later date if you feel you want to – lots of people do.

Q - How much will one-to-one photography tuition cost?

A – Full prices can be found here – more details.

QMy partner is not interested in photography – can he/she come on a holiday?

A – Yes – we welcome non-participants more details.

QDo you do group courses?

A – Yes. I run fully inclusive Photography Weekend Breaks and Photography Workshops in Kirkcudbright and elsewhere.  More details

QWhat time does the day start and finish?

A – Unless other arrangements have been made, one-to-one photography tuition starts at 9.30 in the morning and finish at 4pm. Your head should be buzzing by then! You will be informed well in advance about start times of Photography Weekend Breaks and Photography Workshops.


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Q - How do I get to Kirkcudbright?

A – Most students come by car, others have used the train, buses, and some fly to one of Glasgow's two airports and hire a car. Newcastle Airport is another option. For BA flight details click here. Depending on which B+B you stay in, it is sometimes possible (but not always) to arrange transport from the railway station in Dumfries. More details

Q - Where is Kirkcudbright?

A – On the beautiful coast of SW Scotland in Bonny Galloway. Google map

QWhat is Kirkcudbright like?

A – It's a busy small artist and fishing town sitting on the tidal River Dee in some of the loveliest countryside in Britain. Go to Kirkcudbright website

QCan I buy copies of Philip Dunn's photographs?

A – Yes. Take a look at his Photo Gallery, you can use Paypal to pay for high quality art prints of all the images in the gallery

QWhat are the books Philip has had published, and can I buy them?

A – Philip's three published books:


ISBN: 0-946609-26-8

ISBN: 0-946609-54-3

Published by Oxford Illustrated Press. They are often still available at Amazon.

More details