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Philip Dunn working alongside disabled=

So far I have worked with very few disabled photographers, but I’ve certainly had a lot of fun when I have.

My first disabled student was Ian Farrant. Ian is very severely disabled and came to Kirkcudbright all the way from Dover for a day of tuition with his full-time carer. We had a great time working together and I know Ian learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

He emailed: “The day was a really enjoyable experience. It taught me how important light is in photography and has helped improve my photography.”

Ian certainly produced some super pictures and I’m delighted to say his photography has just got better and better since then. You can visit his website www.ianfarrant.co.uk.

Ian is a member of  The Disabled Photographers’ Society.

Other, less disabled, photographers have come to my Photography Weekends.

Photographer Ian Farrant in Kirkcudbright

Photographer Ian Farrant in Kirkcudbright

The Selkirk Arms Hotel in Kirkcudbright has one downstairs room (door 27″ wide) with wheelchair access.

Our home here in Kirkcudbright, although not specifically designed for disabled access, has all facilites on the ground floor. One step can be ramped. I don’t claim it is perfect – but Ian got by just fine.

I am happy to offer a £20 discount to Members of the Disabled Photographers’ Society on all my courses and tuition.

There is also a specially discounted price on my two instructional DVDs for members of the society.

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