Photography Exhibition Menorca video

I saw my own Photography Exhibition yesterday for the first time.

Hidden La Mola Photography Exhibition

Members of the public look at some of the images in Philip Dunn's photography exhibition 'Hidden La Mola' in Menorca

With Norene being unwell, I was unable to come to Menorca to help with the hanging of the images. I need not have worried. Joana and the people at La Mola have done a wonderful job, and the venue is fabulous.

Below is a very short video of the exhibition.

I am now here in Menorca and ready to welcome the photographers who arrive on Friday for the Photography Holiday. I hope to take them to see the exhibition – ‘Hidden La Mola’ on Saturday. I wil, explain to them how the images were captured and some of the photography techniques used. Later in the week the photographers themselves will be let loose in La Mola to take their own photographs.

The fortress of La Mola in Menorca is at the top of the list of favourite photographic locations for all the snappers who come on my photography holidays, and with very good reason. It is a amazing place to capture some extraordinary pictures. The exhibition is sponsored by the Holtel S’Algar – our base for the Photography Holidays in Menorca.

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‘Hidden La Mola’ Photography Exhibition

Philip Dunn’s new photography Exhibition ‘Hidden La Mola’ is now open in the amazing venue of the Fortress of La Mola in Menorca, Spain.

The exhibition will run until the end of October before moving to other venues in Menorca.

Hidden La Mola Photography Exhibition, Menorca

The wonderful location for the Hidden La Mola Photography Exhibition by Philip Dunn. The photographers who come on the Photography Holiday to Menorca in a few weeks time, will get a special viewing of the exhibition

If you have read my last post you will know that Norene is unwell. This has meant that I have been unable to be in Menorca to set up the exhibition in this extraordinary venue. All the hard work has been done by Joana Catala, the Director of La Mola.

Hidden La Mola Photography ExhibitionJoana has made a fantastic job – arranging the sets of images with imagination and flare. I cannot thank her enough. Joana has sent me these photographs of the exhibition on its first day.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Hotel S’Algar – the lovely hotel where we base our Photography Holidays every year in Menorca. Thanks are due to our good friend Carlos Sintes, Managing Director of S’Algar Hotels for all the support and backing he has given in getting this exhibition up and running.

La Mola is at the top of the list of favourite locations for all the photographers who come on my Photography Holidays in Menorca. It is a truly amazing location for photography, which so much to offer.

The images, which have been gathered over a period of a couple of years, show many of the places that are generally hidden from the public. Sometimes because the derelict buildings in which they were taken are unsafe (no I did not wear a hard hat, but I did tread very carefully in some of the most rickety buildings).

Hidden La Mola Photography ExhibitionOne of the aims of the exhibition is to highlight the need for sensitive renovation of these wonderful places, but also to open the eyes of those who do not immediately recognise the visual wonder of places that have been left undisturbed for many years. Decay and dereliction can be very beautiful. Time is a wonderfully creative force if allowed to work its magic.

Once again my sincere thanks to Joana and Carlos for their help and commitment – hopefully everyone who goes along to the exhibition, including the photographers who come on the Photography Holiday will enjoy the exhibition as much as I enjoyed capturing the photographs

Norene & Photography Holiday

You may have noticed that the PhotoActive blog has been quite for a while – well, for one thing all the Photography Holidays and Photography Courses I have been able to arrange for 2011 are now fully booked. Although there are still a couple of places available on the one day Photography Workshop on 15th October.

The other and much more important reason is that Norene has been unwell, and, until she undergoes an operation in late October, she is unable to do too much. For this reason we have come to the decision that she will not be coming to Menorca with us in September for the Photography Holiday.

All the photographers who come to Menorca on the Photography Holidays realise very quickly that it’s Norene who does the fixing and arranging – I just take the pictures.

However, the support we are getting from the Sintes family, who own the Hotel S’Algar – our base in Menorca – has been wonderful, and with this back-up and help I’m absolutely confident that the photography holiday will be its usual seamless success. Norene will be keeping her eye on things from a distance.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to Menorca – but it will feel very strange not having Norene there to keep us all in order. I’ll just have to drink her breakfast glass of cava myself.

To all those coming to Menorca for the Photography Holiday – see you in the sunshine later this month.