Photography Weekend Break Comments


“I learned more from you over two days than I did in the previous four years of reading photography books and manuals.”

Peter Ranscombe writing in The Scotsman newspaper about his Photography Weekend Break

Photography Course student John ProudPhotographer John Proud came with his wife Lyn:

“Even though I returned to work early this morning it did not in any way dull the buzz from the weekend. Memories of our visit with you in Kirkcudbright will last forever. Your help has switched on several main beams and made my photography even more enjoyable and I thank you sincerely for that..

Your explanation of photography is so good that it resulted in several “Eureka moments” for me. Lyn and I enjoyed the weekend enormously and I could not recommend the experience in more glowing terms than EXCELLENT! Thank you both very much and we look forward to seeing you both soon.”

Photography Weekend Break commentMeg Young came on a Weekend Photography Course:

“Just a quick note to say an enormous thank you for an inspiring and very enjoyable weekend.

I fully intend to be back one way or another before too long.

Thanks too to Norene for her excellent organising skills.

Good company, good food and great teaching!”

photo weekend comment SimonSimon Murphy stepped up a gear:

“Thanks to you both for a very enjoyable weekend. I really feel I stepped up a level in my confidence and control of my camera. I think I had a fair idea before but now I actually feel I know what I am doing and why.

For me personally I think the most useful part of the course was the critiques, then the technical discussion and practical reinforcement.”

Photography Courses Eddie Dewhurst

Eddie Dewhurst – came first for One-to-One Photo Tuition

“Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. Both the course and the company were top class.

I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for a long time. Your photographic advice was so simply  explained. Please thank the Selkirk Arms for looking after us all so well, the evening dinners were excellent. Finally a big thank-you to Norene and yourself for a superbly arranged event.”

Photography Course Comment Wilma Benson

Wilma Benson, a regular student on Philip Dunn’s Courses:

“Thank you for another wonderful weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  So much so that I went back along to the boats yesterday afternoon before I left to try them with my wide angle lens.

It’s been great fun and great subjects to take pictures of. It’s been really, really worthwhile”

photography weekend Russell TurnerRussell Turner is another regular on our Photography Courses:

Russell is one of the many regular students who have become firm friends over the years. Russell is a gifted photographer and has now gained RPS distinctions.

“Thanks for a great weekend.

As I expected, I learned a lot and plan to be out and about much more with the Pentax and tripod.”

Photography Course Comment SuranSuran Nethisinghe came on a Weekend Photography Course:

Suran travelled up to Kirkcudbright from London for his Photography Weekend.

“I just want to thank you for such a wonderful photography weekend.

The combination of your fun, friendly teaching style and the great bunch of people on the course really made it special.

Thank you both so much”

Philip Dunn teaching Ann Clayton

Ann Clayton spoke about her weekend:

“Thank you very much for a great weekend – learning while having fun. Please tell Norene I’m sorry I didn’t see her to say goodbye and that I think she is a class supporting act.

I’m really glad I came on the weekend.

I’ve had a fantastic time. I’ve learnt a huge amount about composition and light. Before I came I thought I didn’t need to learn more and I’m so astounded at what I’ve learnt.

Photography comment Margaret PonsonbyMargaret Ponsonby wrote:

“Thanks again for a great weekend. I was very nervous to start with. There was first rate instruction from a man with obvious passion for photography aligned to expert skills from a lifetime at the top of his profession, matched by an ability to get across complex concepts in a way all students can follow.

Complimented by superb organisation, good hotel and food and interesting locations, it was exactly what I was looking for.”

Photography course comment Neil Milton

Neil Milton wrote:

“A big thank you to you and Norene, for a very enjoyable, educational and stimulating weekend. I learnt a huge amount, and the variety of subject matter in the town is excellent providing different challenges.

“The Selkirk Arms provides a first class foundation for the course, and that helps enormously, as everyone is focused on the photography and people aren’t distracted by second rate accommodation or food. Am off to Venice in a couple of weeks, and I now feel confident to capture the mood of the place. That confidence is down to you and your tuition.  Many thanks indeed.”

Paul McManus photo student comment

Paul McManus was full of praise:

“I have managed to reflect a little on the course, and seen all my pictures on a large TV screen  and  from a more objective position I  now find that the course was even better than when I said it on Sunday. The feelgood factor has now been  followed by a cold light of day assessment  that I learned even more than I thought!

I like your emphasis on ‘seeing’.

It was an excellent mix of theory, practice and social interaction. Both you and Norene are very good hosts and set the mood very well throughout the weekend. Laura Anne felt included as well, that was a nice touch.

Super, absulutely super. Thank you.”

Photography Weekend BrianBrian and Sarah Yates wrote:

“Thank you very much for running such an enjoyable and informative weekend. My enthusiasm for photography has certainly been rekindled.

I look forward to practicing the techniques which you taught us.

Please pass our thanks to Norene for ensuring that the organisation was as good as the photographs.

Juliette Wiles said about her Photography Weekend:

“Thanks so much to you both for a super weekend ! I had a great time and have come away with stacks of new knowledge that I will be putting to good use from now on ! Thanks again so much.”

Joan Johnson wrote about her weekend:

“It is just over a week since I returned home from the fantastic weekend that I spent in Kirkcudbright. And the monkeys persists! Thank you for causing me to have to abandon the Sunday papers to rush onto the beach and down to the harbour to catch the light of sunset. I just knew that the angle would be right – and oh those silhouettes! I learned so much in that one weekend; learning is so much easier when it is fun and in the company of a great group of folk!”

Sue Tracey wrote:

“Thank you both so much for a really great weekend, it really was the best.”

camera craft ElaineElaine Ellen wrote:

“Thank you for a really productive weekend. I approached the weekend with some trepidation, a bit worried that everyone would know more than me and also worried that I wouldn’t understand or be able to take on board the instructions etc.

In fact you made everything seem sensible and clear and easy to understand and were so encouraging that I am sure all the participants felt they were wonderful photographers!”

Dr Jill Gregory wrote:

“I would like to thank you very much indeed for a superb photography weekend. Your care and kindness was to the fore of all you did. It was so good to have your excellent teaching: positive feedback and understanding. It was exciting in terms of opening up many new ideas for taking photographs: giving a thirst for further knowledge. Plus the really comfortable hotel and lovely food.”

Vicenta Gleave wrote about her weekend:

“I would like to thank you on behalf of Peter and myself for a wonderful photography weekend, we both enjoyed the place, hotel, food, company and the excellent photography tuition even I could understand most of it. I now look at everything with a different view, I am also looking forward to putting everything into practice.”

Relaxing during a Photography Weekend in Scotland

...and after a fine dinner at The Selkirk Arms Hotel, what could be better that to relax in comfort and have a chat with like-minded people - about photography, of course

Andy Pinch wrote:

“Thank you very much for an excellent photography weekend. I didn’t think I had learnt that much, but saw at least five opportunities on the drive home, three that the rectangular monkey told me about and two that the light monkey told me about! I can’t believe that I didn’t think about the light before your course. The flexibility of the weekend and the personal coaching and advice from yourself and encouragement from Norene was brilliant.

Also the advice to work a subject and look for opportunities was quite literally, an eye opener!!

The Selkirk Arms was very good, all the staff were very friendly and obliging, and the food was excellent. I was quite surprised, and pleased, to find I had only gained 2 lbs!!!” Thank you both for all your help and company.”