Street Photography Walks

Street Photography Walks with Philip Dunn

Learn the secrets of great Street Photography – and how to sell your pictures – by actually getting out there and doing it under the guidance of a professional photographer.

You will work in a small group of keen, like-minded photographers to capture street scenes in some of the most visually interesting places in Britain.

Build your confidence and your knowledge of Street Photography in the safety and comfort of a friendly and supportive group. You will find that photographing people in the street and public places is a whole lot less scary when you are with friends.

These evening Street Photography Walks are NOT for complete beginners and you must have an understanding of your camera and how to use it. Philip will concentrate the tuition on the techniques of seeing and capturing better photographs in the street.

Want to sell your pictures? Philip Dunn has had countless street photography images published in all the UK's top newspapers and magazines.

If you have ambitions of  selling your street photographs, the techniques Philip teaches will enable you earn money from your camera and get your images published in newspapers, magazines and books.

Philip will pass on many professional 'tricks-of-the-trade'.

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Philip Dunn's Blurb Book STREET PHOTOGRAPHY is now available for sale

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