First Photography Workshops in Shrewsbury

A great start for the first Photography Workshops in Shrewsbury

What a great day we had for the first Photography Workshops in Shrewsbury. The sun shone for our Street Photography session, so there were lots of people about to photograph. Even the threatened rain failed to arrive for our Mixed Light Photography Workshop in the evening.

street photography workshops in Shrewsbury, photographer shows his oicture
The joys of Street Photography in Shrewsbury. My student Joe Banin shows his picture to his willing subject during our morning photography session


The people of Shrewsbury exceded all my expectations. Yes, I knew Shrewsbury was a friendly town, but this really has to be the most welcoming place in England. People were actually stopping us in the street and suggesting subjects for us to photograph.

first Photography Workshop in Shrewsbury
Starting with a blank canvas – a cartoonist gets to work during the Cartoon Festival in Shrewsbury. The atmosphere was great and pictures were everywhere. Perfect for my first Photography Workshop in Shrewsbury


Cartoons in the street

Our Street Photography Workshop coincided with a Cartoon Festival in the centre of town. Some of Britain’s most successful cartoonists were drawing live in the street – they made great subjects for the photographers. There was live music in The Square beside the old Market Hall, and one delightful elderly lady danced a little of Rock n’ Roll for the cameras. Altogether, the atmosphere was tremendous.

Photo friendly Shrewsbury

The friendliness followed us into the new Market Hall, where the traders and customers seemed to take real pleasure in being photographed and having a laugh with the photographers. We photographed people on the fruit stalls, in the book shop and on the music and the flower stalls. What a tremendous start to my new Photography Workshops in Shrewsbury.

Photographing hot dogs

When we moved on down through The Quarry to the banks of the River Severn, the laid-back attitude was just the same. We photographed families taking their children for a canoe ride, a couple feeding their dog ice cream, people crossing the beautiful Kingsland foot bridge.

first photography workshops in shrewsbury with Philip Dunn
There’s so much to photograph in Shrewsbury – and not just the beautiful old buildings. The people were extraordinarily welcoming to the photographers


photography workshops Shrewsbury with Philip Dunn - dog eats ice cream
Cool Shrewsbury… on a hot day, this hot dog cooled off with an ice cream by the banks of the River Severn.


Back in the evening for Mixed Light Photography

mixed light photography in Shrewsbury
Photographer hard at work in the dark – learning the tricks and techniques of mixed light photography in Shrewsbury


As you can see, first Photography Workshops in Shrewsbury were divided in two – Street Photography and Mixed Light. We went back to the Kingsland Bridge for the evening Mixed Light Photography Workshop. the deep blue, high temperature light in the sky made a wonderful contrast to the lights of the Boathouse pub which were reflected in the water of the River Severn.

Date for next  Street Photography Workshop in Shrewsbury – 30th June

rock 'n roll lady shrewsbury
Rock ‘n roll lady – she couldn’t help moving to the music when the photographers appeared in Shrewsbury. This has to be the most photo friendly town in England

Altogether a very rewarding and enjoyable day. So much so that I have now arranged another Street Photography Workshop in Shrewsbury for 30th June. I would like to have fixed another Mixed Light Photography Workshop on the same day, but by mid-summer, I thought that the sunset is so late that students coming by train may have difficulty getting home.

More Photography Workshops in Shropshire to come.

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