Lockdown snaps

Simple Lockdown Snaps In my last post I talked about getting out with your camera during lockdown to photograph landscapes - but let's not get pompous and sniffy about cameras - what about simple lockdown…

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Art Prints for sale

The Philip Dunn Collection Now you can buy beautiful art prints online. The Philip Dunn Collection has evocative and exciting images covering everything from hard news to street photography, and landscapes to abstract images. The…

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Read more about the article Nervous of photographing people in the street
The chap didn'r see me photographing him groping about in the water, but when he grabbed a fish in his bare hands, spotted the camera and showed off his catch with a great big smile on his face

Nervous of photographing people in the street

Too nervous for Street Photography? Are you nervous of photographing people in the street? Frightened they may see you pointing a camera at them? Just what's the first thing to do if your subject spots…

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Read more about the article Shropshire One-to-One Photography
Landscape Photography in the Shropshire Hills. Brian Pierce on his Shropshire one-to-one photography course. The weather closed in soon after this picture was taken - but not before we had managed to get some good photographs of this wonderful scenery

Shropshire One-to-One Photography

It's been a busy time with the Shropshire one-to-one photography courses this last few weeks, and I've certainly had to cover a wide range of interests and needs from the photographers On my Shropshire One-to-One…

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Read more about the article Night Photography in Shrewsbury
Mixed light photograph of the English Bridge in Shrewsbury. A 5 sec exposure has given a pleasant silky look to the flowing water of The River Severn

Night Photography in Shrewsbury

Night Photography Shrewsbury I've been meaning to do some night photography in Shrewsbury for weeks, and last night I got my chance. I had nothing special in mind, just a gentle stroll around the town…

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Read more about the article Press Photography Career
Ron Burton's classic press photograph of the Red Arrows. This picture had a profound influence of my press photography career

Press Photography Career

Press photography career There can be no doubt that pictures can our change lives. One photograph in particular certainly had a profound effect on me and my press photographer career. When I first saw this…

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