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Photography courses to reveal the secrets of professional photo-technique. Your tutor has over 40 years experience shooting for top newspapers and magazines. These courses and workshops are for all levels of photo enthusiasts keen to improve their cameracraft and move their picture-taking skills to the next level

"Learn from a master of his craft" - THE SUNDAY TIMES

Philip Dunn photographer

About your tutor

Running photography courses has become a joy for former Sunday Times photographer Philip Dunn. His first newspaper picture was published when he was 14 . He’s travelled the world on assignments and now teaches the art of picture-taking

Philip Dunn explain camera setting to a student

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Find out more about the very special photographic coaching offered by Philip Dunn. You can choose from a session of personal one-to-one tuition or join a small group of photographers enjoying a workshop

Philip Dunn points out a better way to compose a photograph to a workshop student

Contact Philip Dunn

If you have questions about any of his  courses, just drop Philip a line and ask. He’s always happy to share his lifelong passion for taking pictures, or chat about the photography tuition he offers in Shropshire

Professional secrets revealed!

With a professional photographic tutor at your side, you are sure to learn more about photography in one day than you ever thought possible. That’s because you will be learning from a real pro’s hard-won experience. As a result, you’ll  find out how to capture truly great images.

Turn your visual ideas into powerful images

From his 15 years as a staffman with the Daily Express, to his long association with The Sunday Times, and freelancing for top newspapers and magazines, Philip has covered assignments all over the world, and is able to pass on a wealth of truly invaluable and practical technique and knowledge. He will show you how to see and take photographs with dramatic impact and strong visual appeal. Working alongside him, you will learn how to convert your visual ideas and projects into truly outstanding pictures.

You’ll discover simple solutions to many complex technical questions about camera technique and composition, and you will gain a whole new understanding of light – its direction, quality and colour.

All this is done in an easy, relaxed and masterly way with an expert  who has made his living from his camera for a very long time.

Who knows? You may even be able to sell your pictures and go freelance – several of Philip’s students have done exactly that.
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