Rainy Autumn Photography Workshop

Autumn colours and people photography were at the top of the list for our photographers last Saturday. Shrewsbury is a beautiful town at any time of the year, but when the leaves fall in autumn, it’s just a knockout.

A dash for shelter

We started by photographing the stallholders and customers in the Market Square before moving on to old St. Chad’s where the autumn colours were just fantastic: a great setting for photographing people. We were really enjoying the back alleys and the churchyard behind St Alkmund’s when the rain really started to come down. We made a dash for the indoor market hall. It’s always on the agenda because it’s such a great place to take pictures of people, but we were glad to get in there early. So many pictures everywhere.

Beautifully composed and perfectly timed photograph taken in the Indoor Market Hall in Shrewsbury during our workshop. Photograph by Sue Kinton
In the pink – beyond the gold. There’s always something worth photographing in Shrewsbury Photograph by Philip Dunn

Until next week

All the photographers on last Saturday’s workshop said they felt comfortable and safe in the group, and also while taking pictures in the Indoor Market Hall. Social distancing and face coverings were respected by just about everyone we met.

So – until next Saturday when we have another group of photographers to enjoy the pictutre possibilities of Shrewsbury.

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