Online Zoom Photography Lessons

I am now offering live, online Zoom lessons to photographers wanting to improve their skills and move on to the next level. Now you can enjoy the benefits of real professional photography tuition in your own home. No travelling, no worries about safety. Just relax, enjoy and learn.

And for so many of my past clients, who find it impossible to come to me now that we have moved to Shropshire, you can now enjoy a live photography lesson. It will be great to see you again.

Practical and Visual

There are so many ways that Zoom can be used to help improve your photography. Photographers are learning how to get to grips with the settings on their camera; enjoying a deeper understanding of light and compostition. I can even go into contructive image critiques and give professional feedback on your work when we share our computer screens,

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Special price until Christmas

To get things started and to introduce what is – for me – a new teaching format the price will be an affordable £25 per hour until Christmas 2020. Booking times are flexible and we can choose a time to suit everybody.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get together and really enable you to get out there and enjoy some inspired photography.

Great feedback

This is the feedback I got from Magdelana Worthingtom after her first Zoom photography lesson…

“I have quite a decent DSLR but always used it only on the pre-set modes and it felt like such a waste! With two small children and no help at hand in the current situation, it’s been near impossible for me to organise time away for a 1 on 1 lesson.

“Doing a Zoom photography tuition with Philip was fantastic and my is preferred solution now! Philip has taught me about the basics of ISO, apertures and shutter speeds in a way I’ve never been able to grasp from reading the camera manual or online tutorials. As we went through the settings on my camera, step by step, he even got me to take my very first photograph using the ‘M’ mode – the MANUAL setting! I am so very pleased. I learned so much in one hour, without the need to travel. I will be coming back for more! Thank you!”


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