One-to-One photography lessons

I do enjoy doing the one-to-one photography lessons. It gives me a tremendous buzz when a photographer comes along in the morning gasping to learn and, just a few hours later, goes away with a mass of information and understanding – and the ability to start to put it all into practise.

one-to-one photography lessons Lauren
Learning how to take control of her camera – my one-to-one photography student Lauren Turner with her Nikon. Photograph Philip Dunn

Taking control of her camera

That’s exactly what happened the other day when Lauren Turner came to me wanting to learn how to take control of her camera. She was fed up with using the auto settings on her lovely Nikon 5600. Lauren wanted to capture pictures the way she saw them, not the way the camera wanted to record them. There’s a big difference.

I made a note of just how much Lauren took on board during that morning session. It was astonishing.

  • ISO – what it means, what it does, and how and when to change it to suit
  • The light condtitions
  • Manual Mode
  • Aperture Priority Mode

Photography lessons can cover so much

These basic settings were explained – and practised – in conjunction with an understanding of apertures, f stops, shutter speeds, exposure compensation and depth of field.

We covered the focal length of her lenses, white balance, exposure areas, and the focusing points of her camera.

Light and composition

Not content with this, we moved on to ‘install’ my famous ‘Light Monkey’ and talked about the direction and quality of light before covering framing and composition.

“I just want to say thank you again for yesterday, I really enjoyed learning from you and your wealth of knowledge and I’m excited to get more practice in. I’ve certainly found my light monkey thanks to you! I would recommend anyone who even has a slight interest in photography to invest in learning more with you.

I have attached a wonderful picture I got of our Doug this evening and felt a new found confidence with my camera!

Thank you again and I will certainly look to book a course with you for the street photography.”

photography lessons Doug the dog


Lauren’s first photo on Manual Mode

And here’s Lauren’s photograph of Doug the dog…


Thank you Lauren for your lovely comments. I look forward to seing you on one of my workshops in the future.


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