Photography Walks Ludlow

photography courses Shropshire - Ludlow street

Photography Walks Ludlow

Take the pressure off. Relax. These leisurely photography walks are really gentle strolls with your camera. They are to be savoured and enjoyed.

Yes, you will explore one of England’s most beautiful and historic country towns. And yes, you should capture some great photographs. You will also have the opportunity to improve your photography and camera craft with the guidance and help of an experienced professional photographer.

Philip Dunn will be your guide and tutor throughout the walk.

So many subjects to choose from

These photography walks are designed for people to enjoy and learn how to see and gather better pictures.

You can try your hand at a whole range of subjects as we make our way slowly through the streets of old Ludlow.

There are people to be photographed; wonderful historic black and white houses and shops, gardens, colourful streets, castle walls and the delightful river that tumbles around the town

A stroll with your camera - and a few friends

Amanda wrote…

“Thank you so much for a really enjoyable and relaxed evening. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone (I think Hywel should be a permanent fixture on your group sessions!). Once you know what to look for it’s amazing what you can find. I’m learning so much, it’s brilliant! Thanks once again!”

Gerald wrote…

“Thank you so much for a brilliant evening with good company, yourself and all the others, with superb tuition and knowledge from your self – First Class. I learn so much from just listening to you, Thank you once again.”

Another group of photographers during their evening photography walk in the lovely old Shropshire town of Ludlow. Amanda, centre, enjoyed her first visit so much, she booked again for a second time. Read her comments above

How you will benefit from a Photography Walk with Philip Dunn

Above all, you will have a very pleasant time doing something you enjoy while sharing it with like-minded people.

You will gain some of the confidence so many photographers lack when working with their camera in public. You can enjoy your hobby in a safe and comfortable situation. You will take away with you some lovely photographs, but also skills that can be used anywhere in the world.

You will gain even more if you have a basic understanding of your own camera and its settings. Philip can offer a great deal of help and guidance, and enable you to see in a new and exciting way. But he cannot be expected to know the workings of each and every diffent camera on the market today. There is always opportunity on these walks to spend time with each individual photographer. Every effort is made to share this knowledge among the small group of just six photograhers.