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Online Tuition

Personal online photography tuition to suit your own photographic needs. Now you can get the photography tuition you need in the comfort of your own home.

Step-by-step practical guidance or inspirational critique of your work when we share our screens. Almost anything is possible online.


It’s mostly up to you. Just tell me what you would like to learn and I’ll  make sure your get the online photography tuition you need.

This is tuition at a very personal level. We can interact with each other – even share our screens – so it is not just ‘one-way’, and I can assess what might help you most.

I specialise in photo techniques and camera craft that will enable you to see and capture better pictures.


It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced photographer.

The tuition can be pitched so that you reap the most benefit from a lifetime of professsional photography experience.

I can explain and simplify the workings of your camera, or I can guide you in the complex art of composition.

Whatever you’d like to cover, we can take it step-by-step.


That’s easy…

For a one-hour session of personal one-to-one online tuition the cost is just £30.

You can book up to two hours for any one session.

You simply book and pay for a session in advance. Then we fix a time and date.

ADD TO CART below to pay via PayPal. You can add extra hours during checkout. 



This is the feedback I received from Magdelana Worthington, one of the first photographers to enjoy my Zoom photography lessons. Within 30 minutes I had Magdelana, a complete novice, taking pictures with her Canon DSLR on Manual Mode. Well done Magdelana.

” I am a complete newbie when it comes to photography. I have quite a decent DSLR but always used it only on the pre-set modes and it felt like such a waste! With two small children and no help at hand in the current situation, it’s been near impossible for me to organise time away for a 1 on 1 lesson.

“Online photography tuition with Philip was fantastic and is my preferred solution now! Philip has taught me about the basics of ISO, apertures and shutter speeds in a way I’ve never been able to grasp from reading the camera manual or online tutorials. As we went through the settings on my camera, step by step, he even got me to take my very first photograph using the ‘M’ mode – the MANUAL setting! I am so very pleased. I learned so much in one hour, without the need to travel. I will be coming back for more! Thank you!”


Gina Barre has a lovely Sony camera but was struggling to understand the geeky language in the instruction manual. I was pleased to help. This is Gina’s feedback…

“After buying my first complex camera I was confused by the manual and have not really used the camera apart from the automatic mode since buying it. The zoom  lesson with Philip today made sense of some basic features, moving at a pace to help my understanding. I now have some information in order to make a start on using features of my camera. I will definitely be booking in again with Philip, either another zoom session or on one his his workshop walks.”

The price is just £30 per hour for one-to-one online tuition

Why choose an online session?…

In these difficult times, it’s comforting to know that you can still benefit from personal tuition without having to worry about the dangers of personal contact. Yes, we all look forward to getting back to normal, but meanwhile this online tuition can be the best way of keeping our photography moving forward.

Hit the ADD TO CART button below to add one hour of online tuition at £30. Another hour can be added at checkout. We’ll fix the time between us when I get your details.

If you have any questions, please contact Philip Dunn

If you would like to buy a very special present for someone you care for, I can email you a simple Gift Voucher on receipt of payment. This can be printed out and pasted into your own personal card.

The voucher will be valid for one year, after which it can still be used, but is subject to any price increases.