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One of Philip Dunn's travel photographs from his extensive world picture library. This photograph was taken for Saga Magazine in Sri Lanka

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So why the photograph of Ski Lanka above?



You may be wondering why I have used the photograph above of the pole fishermen in Sri Lanka. Well, this picture raises some very deep personal feeling for me.

I was sent to Sri Lanka by Saga Magazine to photograph and write features about the way of life there. The fishermen and their methods of catching fish are unique.

These hard-working men lived with their families in a small village beneath the palm trees at the back of a beach in the south east of Sri Lanka, and I stayed with Poda, his wife and daughter in their tiny palm-roofed house. We became good friends. That is Poda in the centre of the picture. His legs were a mass of deep scars from when he had been swept off his pole by the waves and onto the rocks below.

The family were very proud of the new sofa on which I slept each night – they had bought it from the proceeds of a huge fish Poda had caught.

In 2004 an immense tsunami in the Indian Ocean swept away Poda’s village and all who lived there.


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