One-to-one photography tuition

photography student in brightly coloured clothes sits among a sea of crocuses to take a picture

One-to-One photography tuition


Your tutor for the 121 photography courses is Philip Dunn, former Daily Express and Sunday Times photographer


This One-to-One photography tuition is tailored to suit your individual experience with a camera. Because of this, I’m able to teach all photographers from complete beginners to some highly experienced professional photographers. So, if you are keen and want to learn good photo technique at your own pace – a one-to-one photography course is the ideal choice for you.

The individual photography tuition involves assessing what you know already and then moving you on to the next level .


Digital compacts to DSLRs – it doesn’t matter what camera you use. Yes, you can even use film cameras if you wish. The One-to-One photography tuition is kept simple and non-technical. The emphasis is on how to see and capture better pictures.

Half-day – photography courses are available for all photographers over 18. We can cover landscape, interiors, portraiture or street photography. I will work alongside you at every stage. Tell me when you’d like to come – if the day’s free, it’s yours. 


Individual tuition is probably the quickest way to learn better photo technique because you absorb information more easily when you’re relaxed, having fun and able to ask relevant questions – and get the answers – as you go along.

Personal one-to-one photography tuition means your strengths can be encouraged and minor technique difficulties can be corrected immediately so you can move forward with confidence – always provided, of course, your tutor has the ability and skill.

Where do we work?

Half day One-to-One Street Photography courses are available in Shrewsbury or Ludlow. Both towns  are ideal for a friendly, gentle indroduction into the pleasures of taking pictures in the street. Tuition in landscape photography, is based in the Shropshire Hills – you choose.

However, if you prefer to get to grips with the basics of your camera and also to gain a firm understanding of the importance of light and composition, I suggest we base ourself at my home south of Shrewsbury. Here, with a cup of coffee in a relaxed, warm atmosphere, we can go though everything that is so essential before actually putting your new knowledge into practise. I highly recommend this option for beginners. Certainly Lauren Turner found this option worthwhile. Lauren emailed me after her photo session: “I would recommend anyone who even has a slight interest in photography to invest in learning more with you.” 

121 photography courses with philip dunn photographer takes a close-up shot of an old boat

The price is just £120 for personal one-to-one tuition


Firstly you decide which location you would prefer, choosing between Shrewsbury, Ludlow or the Shropshire Hills. You then pay for your one-to-one photography course. Between us we can then fix a suitable date. We will work from 9.30am until 12.30pm on the course and you will benefit from a lifetime of top-level professional photography experience  while having a great time learning to take better pictures. It’s easy and enjoyable.

If you have any questions, please contact Philip Dunn

If you would like to buy a very special present for someone you care for, I can email you a simple Gift Voucher on receipt of payment. This can be printed out and pasted into your own personal card.

The voucher will be valid for one year, after which it can still be used, but is subject to any price increases.