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When you come on a Photography Course or Workshop with Philip Dunn – it doesn’t just end there. 

Philip keeps in touch with hundreds of his former photo students. He is always happy to answer questions from photographers who have enjoyed tuition with him in the past. Over the years, the PhotoActive community has grown like a huge extended family. Philip’s students often share their interests with other students, some of whom they may have met on a workshops, others who have made contact through the former PhotoActive Forum and the present PhotoActive Blog.

All ages and all sorts of people with one common interest – a love of photography and a desire to learn.  The picture above shows a group of photographers from all over England and Scotland who came together for a special photography workshop with Philip in Carlisle Cathedral in Cumbria in the north of England. Two of these photographers travelled up from London for the day

That’s what makes Philip Dunn’s PhotoActive photography workshops and tuition so special… special people.