Street Photography by Philip Dunn

140 beautiful black and white image in Philip Dunn’s Street Photography book

street photography book by Philip Dunn
Philip Dunn has specialised in Street Photography most of his working life - here a Salvation Army man sells the War Cry outside a corset shop. Photograph by Philip Dunn for The Sunday Times

3rd January 2019

Philip Dunn’s book
will shortly be available on Amazon and links will be here within a few days.

This Street Photography Book is a collection of some of Philip Dunn’s most enduring images – mostly taken for The Sunday Times travel pages. Here are pictures of real people going about their daily lives. Pictures to make you smile, or stop and think about the world around you.

You’ll find over 140 black & white images from Britain and Europe. The Street Photography book is available in both soft-back paper, and digital format.

It illustrates the wide range of travel and feature photography work I have done on a daily basis for The Sunday Times and other newspapers and magazines.


The Street Photography book

Philip Dunn’s years at the sharp end of hard-nosed national newspaper press photography was the perfect grounding for a successful Street Photographer.

The Sunday Times harnessed these skills and commisoned Philip to cover countless travel and feature articles for the newspaper. The core of this work was Street Photography, and this book showcases a selection of some of his most evocative images.



Learn how to be a successful Street Photographer

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