Street Photography Book by Philip Dunn

Street Photography by Philip Dunn Wigan Pier in Lancashire England
Philip Dunn has specialised in Street Photography all his working life - this photograph of boys on Wigan Pier for The Sunday Times

This Street Photography Book is a collection of some of Philip Dunn’s most enduring images – mostly taken for The Sunday Times travel pages. Here are pictures of real people going about their daily lives. Pictures to make you smile, or stop and think about the world around you.

You’ll find over 140 black & white images from Britain and Europe. The Street Photography book is available in both soft-back paper, and digital format. I use it here as a temporary photo gallery while I’m building up the PhotoActive website.

If you click the link you can flick through a selection of pages. It illustrates the wide range of travel and feature photography work I did on a daily basis for The Sunday Times and other newspapers and magazines.

And if you’d like to buy a copy – I would be delighted!

Learn how to be a successful Street Photographer

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