Street Photography Workshop in the rain

It was a Street Photography Workshop in the rain yesterday when members of the Newport Camera Club came to Shrewsbury.


Photography Workshop in the rain
Members of the Newport Camera Club shared a wet morning of Street Photography tuition in Shrewsbury. Photograph by Philip Dunn


The club’s next photo competition?

Yes, it was Street Photography Workshop in the rain. It rained and it blew, but the enthusiasm and endurance of the photographers was amazing. So too, was the number of excellent pictures gathered by the group. I only managed to glance at their images as they were gathered, but I reckon there will be a good few entries for the club’s next photo competition.

My overriding impression was of the sheer pleasure everyone shared in working together and taking pictures. They were having fun – despite the rain. In fact they were turning the weather to their advantage.


street photography in the rain
Sharing your pictures with your subject is a great way to say thank you. Photograph by Philip Dunn

Confidence to photograph people

Street Photography was a whole new area for most of the members of the group, but what a joy to see their confidence building as the morning went on. It didn’t take long before the photographers were interacting with the people they had photographed – showing them the pictures they had taken, and asking them to pose for more impromptu portraits.


New photographic skills – with an umbrella

Added to the challenge of a Street Photography Workshop in the rain, the group coped remarkably well with a whole new photographic skill… learning how to handle a camera while holding up an umbrella.

Photography Workshop in the rain
Hard at work – members of Newport Camera Club in Shrewsbury yesterday. Photograph by Philip Dunn


Well done, everyone. It was a real pleasure to introduce you to Street Photography in the rain – however much I would have preferred a nice sunny day.

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hopefully in the sunshine!


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