Camera Club Workshops

Night photography Camera Club Workshops

I get a tremendous buzz from arranging camera club workshops. Last night it was again the turn of the Long Mynd Camera Club of Church Stretton, Shropshire. What a great bunch of photographers they are.

It takes a degree of patience and understanding among the participants when there are 8 photographers on these night photography sessions because some of the locations in the streets of Shrewsbury are quite confined. Especially when everyone is using a tripod – but what a great bunch of photographers they are at this club – very patient. They must be a decent lot – they didn’t lynch me when I judged one of their club competitions last week.

Night Photography

I’ve done two Night Photography workshops this week, and, thank goodness, the weather has been very kind. Conditions were ideal on Tuesday evening – dry, no wind and wet streets after a day of rain. It was a bit breezy last night, and the pavements were dry – so no extra reflections.

The aim of these night photography camera club workshops is to provide a set of excercises to demistify the techniques of taking pictures in town at night. It’s great fun once you get over the initial difficulties of operating your camera in almost total darkness, but once over this hurdle, a whole new world of photography is revealed.

Camera club benefits

The great benefit of camera club workshops is that eveyone helps everyone else, and the help doesn’t stop when the evening comes to an end. I know that club members share and discuss their pictures on the club websites and help each other with any technical difficulties they may have.

Thank you Long Mynd Camera Club. I really enjoyed the evening.

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